Saturday, 20 May 2017

Why I chose an apprenticeship over college

Hello everyone! I thought I would talk about something a bit different on my blog today and of course the title gives it away. 

When I was sixteen and just about to leave school, there was so much pressure to go to college and do a two year course but personally, I just simply couldn't face spending anymore time stuck in a classroom learning. I had had enough of schooling and wanted to be part of the adult world. I felt I was ready to get job and so started to look at options. 

One of the options open to me was to do an apprenticeship. I was very lucky that I already knew someone who worked for an apprenticeship provider and so after speaking to them, found an employer who was willing to let me work in their company, whilst learning and gaining qualifications along the way. 

I arrived for my first day of work half an hour early and shaking terribly because I was so nervous. This was such a big step and although I felt it was the next step for me, I was still unsure about what the people would be like and what I would have to do that day. Of course, being an apprentice, my first job was to make everybody drinks, which I had expected. My trainer then arrived and I had to complete three tests and go through various booklets as well as health and safety aspects. I was given more booklets to complete over the next few weeks that would be handed in when my trainer returned in a couple of weeks. Before I knew it, it was lunchtime and I was already halfway through my first day. 

After lunch, it was time to work in the shop. My first job was to make sure everything sold that morning had been topped up, which was a great training exercise for me. Not only did it help me find where everything was kept but it also gave me an insight into what types of products were sold. It meant that when I got home, I was able to fill in a large section of the booklets I had been given, straight away. I was then asked to assist customers to find the right products for them, however, I didn't actually process anything through the till for about three weeks. 

For me, I found that I really enjoyed working and didn't realise I was learning as much as I was. Every month I would complete another exam and fill in more booklets and this continued for a year. At the end of the year, I had qualifications in retail, customer service and health and safety and was offered a full time job.

Although I do feel like I missed out on the social side of college, I do think I not only learnt a lot from my job but also from the people I worked with. They were all slightly older than me and so I learnt about a lot of more grown up things too. I also found that I had more money than a lot of my friends and so was able to buy more things and go on more days out so overall I think it was the right choice for me. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Okay, so I have wanted to read #GIRLBOSS for absolutely ages but, because of the hype, especially with bloggers, I found that it was still quite expensive to buy, even second hand. A few weeks ago, however, this all changed when I managed to find a couple on eBay for just £3 because the cover was slightly damaged. This didn't bother me, because, whilst it would notice in any blog photos, more than anything I just wanted to read the book and see if it was as good as everyone had made out. 

I will admit that I love a good book but I normally tend to stick to the romance/saga fiction ones rather than any self help/ my story ones so I was unsure how I would get on with #GIRLBOSS. For those of you that don't know what the book is about, its all about the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso and follows the journey of her life from not getting on at school, setting up Nasty Gal, right up to now where she is now the owner of a multi million pound business. 

What I found when I was reading this book was that firstly I couldn't put it down. I have managed to read the whole book in under a week which I haven't done in ages. To put this into perspective, not only did I read a book within a week which might sound easy, I also worked at my full time job, wrote blog posts, hung out with friends and family and just generally got on with life. I was simply reading a little bit each morning, on my lunch break, in the bath and before I went to bed because I found it that interesting. 

The other thing I found was that this book is more than just a this is who I am and this is what I have achieved kind of book. Instead, Sophia has created this book as a tool for you to use to get the most of what you want and how to change your mindset to be the best it can be. 

The book is split down into sections, all with a different theme and a great chapter name. A few favourites of mine were shitty jobs that saved my life, money looks better in the bank than on your feet and Hocus-pocus: the power of magical thinking. Each section begins with a great illustration and quotes that will make you feel instantly connected, with more famous quotes throughout each chapter to help you put things into perspective. 

#GIRLBOSS isn't there to change everything about you. Instead it is making you think about what you really want to achieve in a day, a week, a month, even a year and it is giving you the choice of either sticking as you are or reaching that little bit further to achieve your goal. The book also makes a point that it is not about the mistakes you make, but instead how you choose to recover and learn from them. 

I highly recommend you reading this book if you haven't already because it is not just a blogger hype, it really does change your mindset. Since reading this book, I have written a list of things I want to achieve, both now and in the future and it has made me plan how I'm going to get there. I have also been able to apply what I have learnt from this book into my work, both my job and my blog to make sure I am giving it my all and getting the results too!

Do you have any recommendations of books you think I should read next? 

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

How I Like To Relax

No matter how busy my life can become, I have always tried to take time out for myself every evening to relax and unwind. Without this, I find that I can't sleep at night and then I am less proactive the next day. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things that I like to do.

Have a hot bubble bath - I will admit I am the type of person that will spend an hour soaking in the bath. I don't even have to read or watch anything, I can simply spend that time thinking about my day, the goals I want to achieve or the things I want to buy.

Read a fiction book - I love reading and whilst I love self help books I can't unwind whilst reading these.Instead I like a good fiction book that I can engross myself in and forget about real life for a while. 

Watching YouTube videos - I can't relax whilst watching a movie or tv but yet I can when watching YouTube videos. I know it's strange but I think it's because I love watching vlogs and day in the life videos, that I can just listen to if I want. I don't feel like I have to concentrate on what is being said.

Have a pamper - I love getting home, taking my make up off, putting on a face mask and painting my nails. It always makes me feel so much better about myself and makes me feel more put together and ready for the next day.

Alcohol with friends - This might seem a bit odd but I love nothing more than spending the evening catching up with friends over a cocktail or three! I can talk about any problems or concerns I might have and can also have a good laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Listen to music - I love nothing more than going to bed early, sticking my headphones on and listening to music. At the moment I'm loving Steps new album, I think I'm reliving my childhood!

What do you like to do to relax & unwind?

Until next time


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

5 Goals For May

Hello everyone, I feel like I have been a bit behind with everything recently and so thought I would set myself a few goals to achieve during May...

Support other bloggers more - I want to spend more time reading other people's blog posts and leaving comments on them. I also want to participate more in blog chats and be just generally more involved within the blogger community. 

Loose 6lbs - Although it sounds quite a bit, spread over several weeks will hopefully be achievable. 

Save my money - I want to try and save as much money as I can, only buying the things I really need or want.

Improve my skincare routine - I want to make sure I look after my skin more and not skip days when I am feeling tired. 

Shop my stash - To help with not spending, I want to try and use as much of my make up as I can. A lot of it I have only used a handful of times so I want to try & use up more of it or throw it away if I don't like it. 

Hope you have enjoyed this quick little post, I will check in at the end of the month to see how I have done. Have you set yourself any goals recently? I'd love to hear them.

Until next time


Saturday, 6 May 2017

The 30 Disney Questions Tag

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. So I have been tagged by the lovely Ellie from Beauty By Ellie Blog to answer the 30 Disney questions. I know that she is a huge fan of Disney so definitely check out her answers and make sure you follow her blog because she has some great posts coming up.

Onto the tag, but I have to admit I haven't watched that many Disney movies (Shock horror I know!) but we will see how I get on.

1. Favourite Character
Popeye, he's just so funny

2. Favourite Princess
Snow White

3. Favourite Heroine
Duchess from Aristocats because she will do anything to save her family

4. Favourite Prince
Robin Hood, hes the prince of thieves so surely that counts? 

5. Favourite Hero
The BFG, he saves Sophie from the horrible giants

6. Favourite Animal
Thomas O'Malley, I just love how cheeky he can be

7. Favourite Side Kick
The seven dwarves, it just wouldn't be the same without them. 

8. Favourite Villain
Cruella Deville

9. Favourite Original Character
Mary Poppins, I wish I could have a bag like hers that fits everything in it

10. Favourite Love Song
It has to be True Loves Kiss from Enchanted

11. Favourite Song
I always love listening to Chim Chim Cheree from Mary Poppins

12. Favourite Villain Song
Prince Ali Reprise

13. Least Favourite Song
Let It Go from Frozen, its just been played too many times

14. Favourite Kiss
Snow White when she kisses Bashful because his face afterwards is so funny

15. The First Movie You Saw

16. Favourite Classic
The Little Mermaid

17. Song That Always Gets Stuck In Your Head
The Bare Necessities

18. Favourite Pixar Film
A Bug's Life

19. Least Favourite Pixar Film
The Incredibles

20. Favourite Sequel
102 Dalmatians 

21. Overrated Movie

22. Underrated Movie
White Fang

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh
Pirates Of The Caribbean 

24. Movie That Makes You Cry
The Fox & The Hound, it never fails to make me cry

25. The Saddest Scene From Your Favourite Movie
The Bird Woman from Mary Poppins, there is just something about her that is sad

26. The Saddest Death
Mufasa from The Lion King will always be one of the saddest deaths

27. Favourite Quote
Don't just fly, soar from Dumbo

28. Favourite Theme Park
I've never been to any of the Disney parks but if I could choose one it would definitely have to be Florida. 

29. Favourite Theme Attraction
I can't actually name any 

30. Favourite Theme Park Show
I'd love to see Cirque Du Soleil because their Disney shows look amazing. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tag, I certainly enjoyed choosing my answers. I tag any of you that haven't yet done it. Remember to leave links to your answers in the comments because I would love to read them.

Until next time


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Product Review - Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Protect

Hello everyone. As some of you may be aware, I attend quite a few airshows throughout the summer months and over the last couple of months, I have been buying my tickets and paying for accommodation. Now that's out of the way, I wanted to make sure that I had all of my beauty supplies ready that I wanted to take with me so that when the time comes, I can simply pack them in my bag and go. I realised that I needed some sort of base that would protect my skin throughout the day and that was easy to use so off I popped to Boots to have a look at what they had.

I had tried the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask and really liked it, so when I saw the protect spray on the stand next to it, I knew I had to try it. It was then that I noticed that it contained SPF in it which was perfect for what I needed. 

I decided to try it out as soon as I could, so the next morning, I started using it as part of my morning skincare routine. For the first couple of weeks, I used it every morning before applying any make up and I have to say I really liked the results. It didn't feel greasy and it soaked into my skin almost instantly, so that I could then go on to apply make up if I wanted to. 

I then decided that I wanted to try it out on top of my make up, which the can said it was possible to do. This is where it disappointed me because it left my base make up really streaky, almost as if I had been crying and my make up itself felt really damp on my skin. Despite this, as a easy step in the morning, I would certainly recommend because it saves a lot of time in the morning. I would definitely repurchase the spray and maybe even try it with a different foundation to see if it works better. 

Until next time


Saturday, 29 April 2017

Bedside Beauty Products

Hello everyone, I'm back with a little quick post today because I thought I would share with you the products I always keep my bedside. These are my staple products that never really change but I use them pretty much everyday. 

I keep them in this gorgeous draw string make up back from Sanctuary Spa which has this beautiful floral pattern with birds on all over it. What is great about it being draw string is that it is so easy to get to the products inside, even when it is dark. 

So here is the products I have got in there at the moment. Whilst the brands might change over time, the idea of each product stays the same. So first of all is the feet, which I have two products for. The first is the Heel Genius by Soap & Glory which, whilst I love, it can be really greasy and so I don't always want to use it. I therefore also have the Scholl Velvet Smooth Night Mask which is one of my all time favourites. I usually keep the cotton socks that go with these here as well but they are currently in the wash. I am constantly on my feet all day and so the only time I get to pamper them is during the night so a night mask is a really useful product and the results from the Scholl one are amazing. 

Next up is a hand cream and I will admit that I am not that fussy when it comes to hand creams as long as they smell great. For ages I used the Zoella one however that has recently run out and so I am currently using one from Sanctuary Spa which smells of their luxury signature scent. I also have a nail file just in case I feel like my nails could use a little extra pampering. 

I always keep a hair bobble nearby because sometimes, I just want to put my hair up and at least keeping it here, I always know where to find one. 

I love wearing lipsticks so at night, I always try to hydrate my lips, which is why I have two products to choose from. The first is an intense moisturiser by Blistex which is great for when your lips are already dry and sore. This product nourishes them back to normal and works more as a cream than a balm. My favourite balm is the one by Carmex which I apply religiously every night and leave to soak in so that in the morning, my lips feel soft and smooth. 

I also keep a breath spray nearby because, if for example, I have had something with garlic the night before, despite brushing my teeth and using mouthwash before bed, I feel like I can still taste and smell it the next morning, so a quick spray of this in the morning is essential. I have also found that it makes me feel more awake once the minty taste hits me so anything that will wake me up more in the morning has got to be good right? 

Saving the best till last is my sleep remedies. I sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep, probably because I spend too much time on my phone beforehand rather than relaxing. So to combat this, rather than turning my phone, iPad and laptop off an hour earlier, I use a sleep remedy instead. The first is my all time favourite Badger Balm. They do a huge range of other remedies that I really want to try but for now I just have the sleep remedy. This honestly has me asleep in minutes and it is a lovely deep sleep as well so I always feel rested in the morning. I also received the Champneys version as a gift a while back and will admit that this one works great as well and smells more like your in a spa. I certainly wouldn't go anywhere without either of these two products. 

Do you have any beauty essentials that you keep by your bed or anything that you would recommend me trying? If so let me know. 

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