Product Review: Figs & Rouge Lip Balm

I must admit that although I love make up especially lip gloss and lipstick, I don't tend to experiment with lip balms. I normally stick to just using Vaseline, although I always feel that I don't get much results from it. Since I have started using more lipsticks each day , I have found the need to find a great lip balm that I can use to treat my lips morning and night.

I had heard of the Figs & Rouge brand before and have used a couple of their hand and body creams before but have found the smell has reminded me more of the older lady smell which put me off. However when I received a sample through of their lip balm, I smelt it straight away and thought that it was a lovely fresh floral scent. I tried it straight away and loved how soft and nourished it made my lips feel. The scent I was set is called Rambling Rose and they have carried this theme on with the pink packaging and elegant climbing leaves on the front, creating a unique and colourful look whilst having a vintage finish to it.

I prefer to use natural products rather than chemically enhanced as I think they work better on your skin and give you more of a healthy glow. Whereas products that are more chemical based tend to make your skin look dull and clogged up and I find I get more breakouts. It is also petroleum free so doesn't leave that greasy finish to it as it dries. I have therefore even used it on other parts of my face if I have been travelling and feel I have a dry patch.

I have been using this product for about four months now and it has become one of my daily essentials that I pop in my handbag and use whenever I feel I need to. Because it is a sheer product I feel I don't have to use a mirror so I can pop it on anywhere. I have found that due to the very cold weather we have been having, it has become harder in the tin, especially if I have been walking outside a lot, but all you need to do it once a week stick it near a heater (not too close) or in a warm room and it soon melts back. it also means that you don't need to use as much of it.

I have really enjoyed using this product and would highly recommend trying it as it is a real staple piece. you can purchase them from Feel Unique for only £4.95 where they do six other amazing scents for anytime of year.


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