Dissappointing Products 2014

Okay, so I am very much a typical girl who loves trying out new products, especially if its from a range I love. However sometimes companies don't get it right and their "new wonderful product" can just turn into a big disappointment.
Over the course of the year, I will be adding to this blog post with any items that I have found personally disappointing so that by the end of the year there should be at least a handful of products that have not been worth the money listed and reasons explained below.

The first disappointing product of this year so far is the Garnier mineral invisible 48hr anti-perspirant spray. I was really looking forward to using this spray as I already use the Garnier hair dyes as well as the original ultra dry roll on anti-perspirant. I already loved the roll on version as it is easy to apply and leaves you feeling fresh all day without you feeling the need to re-apply. On first looking at the spray version, I honestly believed it was going to work just as well and I liked the idea that the can has the lock on the back so that I can slip it into my handbag without it spraying everywhere.

Unfortunately, when spraying the anti-perspirant, even after shaking the can well and holding it at the correct distance, when spraying it onto my skin it created such a choking cloud dust which then, once on my kin turned really flaky and made a mess over the floor and my clean clothes. I also found that as most of it ended up on my bedroom floor before even leaving the house, it did not give me the long lasting coverage and after just one hour it felt like I needed to re-apply. This was definitely not the 48hr coverage that was promised on the can and therefore I will not buy this in the future.  


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