My First Time TAG

1. Do you and your first crush still talk?
    Nope, thankfully he walked out of my life long ago
2. What was your first job?
      My first job was as a volunteer in a shop working with the charity PDSA
3. What was your first car?
      Unfortunately I still haven't learnt to drive and so I'm still waiting for my first car!
4. Who was the first person you text today?
     My boyfriend
5. Who was the first person you thought of today?
     My dog Trixie
6. Who was your first primary school teacher?
     Mrs Williams
7. Where did you go on your first plane ride?
     My first plane ride was back in 1997 to Malta
8. Do you and your first ever best friend still talk?
    Nope, unfortunately we lost contact when we left school
9. When was your first sleepover?
     Maybe when I was about 7 years old??
10. Who was the first wedding you ever went to?
      My dad was a wedding photographer so I'm not sure who's was the first wedding I went to
11. What was the first thing you did this morning?
      Go back to sleep
12. What was your first concert?
        My first concert was held at butlin's and was girls aloud when they had just started out. They only had 4 songs to sing and were performing for no longer than 20 minutes, their support acts actually performed for longer. Who would have thought how popular they would have become and how long the band kept going!


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