Get ready with me - A summer wedding

I thought I would do a get ready with me post to show you how I create a natural look for a wedding. I needed this look to be simple and wearable all day as this wedding would be set in a field, where we would be playing rounders and tug of war! Therefore I didn't want make up running down my face half way through the day.

The base

The first thing I do is apply Clinique's turnaround instant facial. I tend to leave this on my face for about 20 minutes to allow it to really work into my skin. This is one of my favourites at the moment as its quick and easy to use when my skin feels it needs a little pick me up. When applying it to my skin, its quite thick and drys quickly, which can be annoying but once on you can really feel it doing something. The thing I love the most about this product is it doesn't dry my skin out. You can still talk and move your face unlike some of the cheaper face masks around. It is also really simple to take off - All you need is a flannel soaked in hot water, then gently press it over your face for thirty seconds. After this you just need to gently move over your skin in small circular movements until all traces of the product have gone.


The next thing I use is my Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 for tired & uncomfortable eyes. At the moment I have a cold which has made my eyes feeling very dry and sore. So a few sprays of this and my eyes feel normal again.

After that I want to add a little more moisture to my face so I am using Clinique's Moisture Surge to ensure my skin has a healthy glow throughout the day. To apply this I get a small amount on my hands and gently massage all over my face and neck and let it soak in.

Stupidly, last night after washing and drying my hair, I tired it up. Therefore when I woke up this morning I had terrible kinks in my hair which is not a good look. So I used my water sprayer to lightly dampen my hair which I then brushed through using my trusted tangle teezer. I the sprayed on top of this my L'Oreal Eversleek smoothing mist & heat protectant to protect my hair against my curling tongs which I will be using later. It also helps to smooth down my hair and gets rid of those flyaways. Once again I brush this through gently to really work the product into my hair.

I can now relax for a bit and let my hair dry naturally.

The Hair

I decided that I wanted some loose curls to create my natural look so I am using my Philips Geometricks hair tongs. I've had these tongs for many years so you won't find them in the shops anymore but I always end up going back to these. First of all I section my hair so that I can do the underneath first. I take a small section of hair roll it up into the tongs and hold for thirty seconds before releasing. When I release it, I hold the hair still curled up for a further ten seconds, before spraying with my TRESemme salon finish spray. I then repeat this for the rest of my hair which normally takes me about an hour. Once finished I have lots of little ringlets of hair which I leave for the time being so I can put my make up on.

The Make up

For foundation I'm using Rimmel's wake me up foundation in soft beige to create a natural base colour. Rather than using a foundation brush I like to use a stippling brush to slightly cover my skin instead of plastering it on. I work this gently into my face and neck until I am happy that I have no patches.

 I then want to add my concealer around my eyes. For this I am using my Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer steps 1 and 2. I gently dot some under my eye using my finger and then using a beauty blender I blend it into my foundation.

Next I want to highlight my cheeks slightly do add more definition to my face so I'm using Me Me Me Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold. This comes with a nail varnish type brush which I gently dot across my cheek bone. I then using a concealer brush blend this into my foundation.

At the moment I'm growing my eyebrows out due to over plucking, so to fill them in I'm using Billion Dollar Brows a hint of tint in blonde. I love how easy this is to apply and it lasts for two to three days so I knew it wasn't going to fade during the day unlike some of the pencils I have used previously.

I then want to add a bit of definition to my eyes so I'm using Be a Bombshell eye liner in Onyx. This is a eyeliner pen which I really simple to use. I apply this along my top eyelashes from middle to end to create a slightly bolder look. Then using Clinque's quick liner in very black I add a bit the colour to my under eye area by applying to my waterline from middle to outside. I then use eyelash curlers to give my eyelashes a natural curl.

I now need to start building the colour of my eyelids. So to start with, using a eyeshadow brush, I apply my Barbara Daly Satin Swirl eye shadow in oyster over my lid and blend up to my eyebrows to create a base colour. To add more colour to this, I'm using Avon's Smokey eye quad in pink sands. I apply the pink colour (top right) from the inner eye and blend across my lid. Next I'm using the brown to help blend the pink out, applying it to the outside third of my eyelid. Lastly I use the dark brown to gently blend the lighter brown and my eyeliner together.

I add the last bit of drama to my eyes I'm using my Lancôme Hypnose Star in black to my lashes. I love this mascara as it creates a natural finish to my eye make up.

Finishing Touches

Lastly, once I have my outfit on,  I'm using a soft paddle brush to gently brush out my curls to create a more natural look. I then use my Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora to add a splash of colour to my make up.

Here is the finished look...












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