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1. Favourite balm/treatment?
A must have for me is my Figs & Rouge natural lip balm in Rambling Rose. I love this product as not only is it 100% organic but it smells great and has a long lasting creamy feel to it once applied. The tin is only 17ml but when applying you only need a small amount - after eight months of using it daily, I'm just over half way through. I have also found that applying it before Clinique's Chubb stick creates a long lasting great colour.

2. Best eye catching red?
This has to be my Clinique's long lasting lipstick in limited edition coral. The first coat makes your lips a coral colour but if you add a further two coats in creates more of a red colour without it being too harsh for my pale skin and blonde hair.

3. Best luxury & Best drugstore?
My best luxury lip product would again have to be my Clinique's long lasting lipstick as mentioned above as this is the most money I have ever spent on a lip product. I love how creamy and natural it feels and the colour pigmentation is great.
My best drugstore lip product would have to be Rimmel's lasting finish by Kate lipstick in number 16. Again the creaminess makes it feel great and is a durable product. The colour also adds to a summery look.

4. Best MAC lipstick?
At the moment I don't own any MAC lipsticks but I am looking to purchase one in the near future.

5. The most disappointing?
This has to be superdrug's own brand B. I was really disappointed with this product as the colour looked great in the packaging but when I applied it, hardly any colour showed up. The only colour you could see was little clumpy patches along my lips.

6. Liner - yes or no?
For me, I'm not a fan of lip liner. I think it looks great on other people just not me. I just end up looking like I've got sore lips.

7. Best gloss?
My best gloss has to be my Rimmel Apocalips in Across the Universe. its so easy to apply and is long lasting. I love how it stains your lips as well. I apply it before a night out, then when I get there its dried and stained my lips meaning I don't leave horrible marks on my glass.

8. Something Extra!
My Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping lip gloss in Pink Apricot. I use this sometimes if I feel I need bigger lips for a certain look but I mainly use this after I've had something spicy, as I have found the tingling sensation brings back the feeling in my lips when they have gone numb.    

Where to buy

Figs & Rouge lip balm - Feel Unique £4.95 each
Clinique Long Lasting lipstick - Boots £17.50
B - Superdrug £3.49 each
Rimmel Apocalips - Boots £6.49 each
Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping gloss - Boots £10 each


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