Autum Beauty Essentials

The last couple of days, the weather has become a lot colder in the mornings, reminding us that winter will soon be here, with summer just a distant memory. I thought I would quickly share with you my top essentials to get you through autum/winter...

  • Vaseline - This is a great product with many uses. I like to use it on my lips to prevent dry, sore lips especially when it is cold or windy. However i also reach for this when I have slipped over on ice or snow as when i bruise my skin tends to dry out in that area. Another reason why I love it is because when I have a cold, i put it on the sides of my nose to stop sores breaking out for blowing my nose.
  • A thick wollen scarf is a must for me. I suffer badly with feeling the cold but i love a great scarf to make me look and feel snuggly and warm and keep those chills at bay.
  • Another similar thick is big, thick, fluffy socks as I have found that if my feet are warm, the rest of me soon warms up.
  • A good heat protectant for my hair. Although this sounds strange, I always find that if I'm somewhere by a fire or heater my hair dries out and goes frizzy and uncontrollable with the heat.
  • A body moisurizer - No matter what the brand is as long as it feels like a luxury to your skin. We spend so much of autum and winter inside not wanting to go out in bad weather, that I think its the best time to pamper and look after yourself.
These were my top 5 tips for surviving Autum, I hope you have enjoyed them and if you have any more tips let me know in the comments section as I would love to hear them!!


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