No Split Ends

Everybody has had split ends at some point and recently I've let mine grow out of hand. Here are my top tips to get rid of and prevent split ends.

Firstly if you already have split ends run to the hairdressers now! You cannot prevent them if you already have them. Ask them to style your hair and get rid of any split ends (a lot of hairdressers do this without you needing to ask them). However whatever you do, don't try to do it yourself as normal household scissors aren't sharp enough and will just fray the hair, making the matter worse.

Next onto my top three tips for the prevention of split end. My top tip is to not use heat everyday so let your hair dry naturally as much as you can. Ideally at least once or twice a week to prevent heat damage from using a hairdryer. Also try not to straighten or curl your hair with tongs everyday. Limit it to a couple times a week and plait your hair overnight to creat beachy waves by morning. If you do have to use heat tools to style your hair, make sure you use a good heat protectant.

My Second tip is don't wash your hair in too much hot water. Getting the temperature right is so important. If its too hot it will strip your hair of its natural moisure and will leave it looking dull and lifeless. Try using cool water if you can handle it!

Lastly, if you wear your hair up, make sure you use softer hair ties rather than rough elastic ties to limit the stress and damage to you hair. At the moment I'm loving the chiffon hair scrunchies from New Look as these create a great high pony tail and are really soft to use on my hair.

So there you go, my top tips to end split end. Keep an eye out for my next post where I will be reviewing a haircare treatment to improve damage caused with split ends.

See you soon!


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