Essence Ultimate review

Hello, I' back again this time with a product review post. I was recently sent Schwarzkopf's Essence Ultimate shampoo for blonde hair. I always want to try and keep my blonde hair in the best colour shade possible. And because it is coloured I find it hard to keep it looking blonde and not gingery. Therefore I was looking forward to trying this shampoo.

Before I even used it I had to smell it to see what it smelt like and Oh My Gosh it smelled amazing. It smelt very fresh with a hint of floral and very expensive.

That night I just had to try it. On application, it was so smooth, which was great as I was worried that it would have lots of flecks in it that would damage my hair due to it containing crystals. I rubbed it into my hair and it was so frothy that it made my hair feel instantly clean. After washing it off I felt that I didn't need to use a conditioner as the shampoo made my hair feel so soft and smooth.

After using this product for month, I still like it but I'm not sure I would purchase it again at the moment. I found that at the start the product was wonderful, however after using it every other day for about two weeks I found that the product no longer worked as it had at the beginning. It felt like it was more damaging to my hair.

Overall I think this product is great to use as a treatment for a week every six weeks or so but not to use as a regular shampoo.

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Shampoo can be purchased from most beauty stores.


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