Hello, my name is Kelly & I'm a shopaholic

Growing up I used to love watching shopaholic, a BBC TV series that identifies people that are addicted to shopping, where they for one week live on a tight budget in order to decrease there debts. I must of only been about ten or so but I absolutely loved the programme. I remember I would sit there and say to my mum, I will never be like that and I will never own a credit card or get myself into debt. if I cant afford it outright, I can't have it.

However, ten years and a credit card later, I am now one of those people. I sat last night watching one of my favourite movies ... Confessions of a shopaholic - I have already read all the books! and I couldn't help but think ... this is me, I'm on THAT slippery slope. When I watch into a shop, everything catching my eye and I want to be it all.

Looking back over the last year, I thought to myself what have I actually achieved. I haven't made any big major purchases such as a car or a house, I don't even have any saving. But yet I earn over £800.00 a month so where on earth has that money disappeared?!

The first thing the programme always did was identify where the money goes each month. So I sit down and look at my bank statements and my purchases and try to work out where it all goes.

Income £235.00 per week

Outgoings Glossybox £3.50
                Baking magazine £5.99
                Sky contribution £5.00
                Rent £25.00
                Tv liscence £6.00
                Phone £7.50
                Family Debt £40.00
                Catalogue repayments £40.00
                    Takeaways £15.00
                   Clothes £10.00
                    Dog supplies £10.00
                    Make up £5.00
                    Magazines £5.00
                    Books £3.00
                    credit card repayment £50.00
Total left at end of the week £9.51

Debt - Owe family - £250
           Catalogues (Now nothing last payment was last week)
           Credit Card - £899.00
Total debt £1149.00

Next the programme sets out a new strict budget to stick to...

Income £235.00 a week

                Sky contribution £5.00
                Rent £25.00
                Tv liscence £6.00
                Phone £7.50
                Internet £4.50
                Family debt £40.00
                Dog supplies £8.00
                Magazine £3.00
                Credit card repayment £50.00
Total left at end of the week £86.00

I have decided that I no longer need my glossybox and baking magazine subscriptions, that I have enough clothes for three of me and that I have enough food in the freezer to not need takeaways. My catalogues have now been paid off in full and I won't be spending on them again anytime soon unless I can pay for it straight away.

Family debt - 7 weeks to pay back (Should be paid by end of January)
Credit card - 30 weeks to pay back (Should be paid by the beginning of July)

So here you have it, I have admitted my addiction and am on the slow road to recovery. Every week I will be truthfully updating how I have found the week, if I have slipped back into old ways and any other tips I have found.


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