My Shopaholic Update Week 1

As previously stated every week I will be updating how I have found the week trying to cut back. So this is week 1...

I knew this wasn't going to be easy and I don't expect to change over night. Luckily I have been at work all day so I haven't had the chance to go in any shops. However its so cold and I'm so tired from working all week that I can't resist having a take away. I have therefore spent £15.00 on a takeaway for two and £2.00 on a couple of scratch cards. However I get a DVD and snuggle on the sofa so I spend no more money tonight.

So today is the Christmas light switch on for the town so I know I will be going into town later. However, beforehand I decided I wanted to go to The Range to have a look at their Christmas decorations. I end up getting a couple decorations and a couple Christmas presents and end up spending £35.00
At the Christmas lights switch on I manage to not go in any shops however I do stop by a stall and buy a calendar costing £10.00
Therefore the total spend for today is £45.00

I have work all day so I'm hoping I don't spend any money. However on the way home I call in pets at home and spend £47.00 on dog supplies. I then go into Homesense and spend £5.20 on a basket. I then go home and chill so I don't spend anymore.


I have been at work all day and went straight home so that I wasn't tempted to buy anything. Instead I spent the evening sorting out my things and seeing if there was anything I could get rid of or sell. At the end of the evening I have a big bag of things to put on eBay.


Another day of work today and after a long day, I decide to buy pizza for me and my boyfriend costing me £23.00. I feel guilty now and wonder if it was worth it.


I have already made plans to go out for a meal and do some late night shopping tonight as it is the first one in the town. I bought a Christmas jumper costing £12.00 and paid £12.00 for a meal in Prezzo. I also spent £15.00 on drinks at the pub. I go home and pay £50.00 on my credit card.

Total spend for the week: £226.20 
Money left at the end of the week: £6.70


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