Ok so recently I decided that it was time to sort out my life and have a real clean out. I do this every year just before the Christmas season so that everything I no longer want or need is thrown out ready for the New Year. Here are my top tips

Firstly find yourself a space, at of the way to house a medium sized box. Then choose one room a week, taking a section of the room at a time, tidying it and cleaning it. Then if there is anything you feel you no longer need or want put it in the box.

Once you have been through every room, have a look through the box and see if you have missed any of the items.

Then its the fun bit. Decide whether each item should be thrown away, giving to charity or sold. EBay is a great way of selling those unwanted items and is easy to use, with online help guides readily available.  Indoor car boot sales are also a great way of turning your unwanted items into money - which is helpful just before Christmas. Alternatively if you feel you haven't got the time, simply choose a charity and donate the items to a local shop.

Lastly, all you need to do is either sell or drop to the charity shop.

It really is that simple to get started. I then like to each month, sort through my things and try to aim to get rid of twelve things a month. Every month I also like to try on all my clothes and be ruthless, whereby if anything doesn't fit, it get rid of it. I have come to the decision that my clothes should fit me not me fit into my clothes.


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