On the Twenty-Eighth day of Christmas ... What I got for Christmas

This Christmas I have been truly spoilt and I'm so grateful for the lovely gifts I have received that I thought I would share them with you. Please note this isn't about me bragging it is just simply sharing the wonderful gifts I have received. . .

A must each year for is new socks...

And this year I got plenty

A Christmas traditional in our household is to have some gold coins in our stocking.

I love Kilner jars as they come in all different sizes and you can put lots of bits and bobs in

Some personalised milk chocolate squares

Frankie Valli Cd - The old songs our always the best in my opinion

A soap and Glory gift set containing mini versions of the products which is going to be perfect for the holiday I have just booked

A book containing photographs taken throughout World War 2, many of them never before seen. This will help me greatly with my other blog

Some sparkley nail varnishes which I can't wait to try

A Malibu drink gift set which will be used on new years eve no doubt

A compilation CD of musical hits from wartime 

Ever since it was first broadcast I have loved watching Housewife 49 and When its on TV I have to watch it. Now I can watch it whenever I want

This year has been all about gingerbread men for me ... I love them... So these cosy pyjamas are going to be perfect for these cold nights that are coming.

I had my eye on this Sanctuary Spa gift set when it first came out on shelves this year so I'm so glad someone has brought it for me. The Silk bag in so lovely 

I'm hoping this year is all about being fit and healthy for me so these workout dvd's are going to come in very handy I'm sure

Every girl needs a DIY manual. I'm so fed up of waiting for a man to do things that I thought I would learn how to do it myself.

These vintage looking measuring cups are so dinky and cute that I only asked for these for Christmas and I'm so glad I got them.

I love all things Jesscia Simpson so when I received these knickers I was over the moon.

I love this simple but effective photoframe

Some light reading to get me through January

The Snow Fairy gift set from Lush which I have been waiting to try for ages.

I have never seen these before but I think they are amazing. They are hand weights but instead of being strapped round your wrists you actually put them on like gloves.

A perfume is a must for Christmas and I love this everyday scent.
As I said previously, I am so grateful and happy with the presents I have received and would love to know what you got too...


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