On the Twenty-fifth day of Christmas ... My Christmas Day

Even though I'm now an adult at 5:30 on the dot I still wake up, ready to open my presents in my stockings. I have two stockings, one with a reindeer head which I have had for as long as I can remember and one that has my name sewn on in felt letters, that my childminder made for me when I was three years olds. I can feel the excitement building as I reach for the stockings and start to open them.
I then go downstairs and have a cup of tea before washing my hair. Its now time to set the table so I spend ten minutes setting the table and 40 minutes watching videos on Youtube trying to work out how to fold my napkins. Then its time to get ready.
Normally, I buy a party dress to wear on Christmas Day however this time I felt like I wanted to be more comfortable than stylish so I opted for a Christmas jumper with a robin on and my Christmas pudding leggings. Once ready me and mum drive over to my nan's house and pick her up along with my fiancé and go home. Mum and dad then go and pick my other nan and my great auntie up and bring them round. In the meantime, I'm incharge of the dinner which could be interesting.

When everybody is here, its time for dinner which consists of turkey, roast potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, peas, brussel sprouts, stuffing, pigs in blanket and lots of gravy and is delicious. After all the dishes have been done its time to hand out the rest of the presents. With piles of presents everywhere and paper all over the floor we turn on the tv to watch the Queens speech. I was happy and proud that she mentioned the centenary as now November is over many people have forgotten about the poppies and those soldiers that they represented so I think it was important for the Queen to speak about it.

The paper is put in the bin and then its time to watch my all time favourite film - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. After which we lay the table with party food and tuck in. Then its an evening of watching various Christmas specials on tv before everyone goes home to bed.

Christmas has been the same each year with the only difference being the presents that are given. As the years have gone by I know it won't always be like this and this Christmas brought it home more. Nan and my great auntie both needed a lot of assistance to be able to move, could no walk up the stairs and took two people and ten minutes to get out of the car. They are both 86 years old so its understandable that their movability isn't good but it is only the last year/ year and a half that this has been the case. This made me think about Christmas Day more during the course of the day. It isn't about the presents or the food, its about the company and making the most of it whilst its there. So hold your tongue even when you feel you should say something, take family pictures and just enjoy the day. As one day you may regret not making the most of it...


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