On the Twenty-Second day of Christmas ... The Christmas Shop

Last year, we went to this lovely little shop in the hills, that sells Christmas tree's and wreaths. Although we don't have a real tree, I still wanted to go because they had a small Christmas shop that sells pretty and unique decorations to go on the tree. So as soon as it was December this year, I just had to make plans to go there again and I think in will become a tradition now for many years to come.

We couldn't go at the start of December so unfortunately a lot of the decorations had already been sold but I did manage to pick up a few decorations that I thought I would share with you...

This cute little rustic tree is such a simple pretty decoration and I love the little white spots on it this cost £3.50

This start decoration is so rustic and I love the little bell in the middle. The rope string just adds to the charm.  This cost £3.50

This small heart made out of metal flowers looks lovely on the tree and is something a little different. This cost £2.00

This heart is the same as the above one but is larger and although it doesn't fit on the tree, I thought I could keep them up all year round. This cost £3.00
I absolutely love this angel, its so simply but since I've put it on the tree its been shimmering and glistening in the light. This cost £4.50


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