On the Twenty-sixth day of Christmas... The boxing day sales

I love going into town on boxing day and looking around all the sales but I don't hurry in. I could never be one of those people that is queuing from 5am just to be first in line when the shops open there doors. I don't like buying things from the likes of boots and next as presents as you know that in a couple weeks time they will be reduced to half price. I do however like to take a leisurely look around the shops on boxing day morning, although by about 1pm I have had enough.

I try to find peoples presents for the coming year, especially those that are hard to buy for. Like with black Friday, if you have a look around on boxing day morning that scenes you witness will have you shocked for days and weeks to come. Surely you don't need that particular white shirt, it isn't suddenly going to change your life. The Christmas spirit has definitely gone by boxing day and for what? A couple of items bought after queuing for ages at till points that you will probably never use. Is it really worth it??


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