On the Twenty-Third Day of Christmas... Remembering At Christmas

Every year millions of families around the world get together to celebrate Christmas, with many of the travels miles to get there. But Christmas is also a time to remember those loved ones that are no longer with us. The most important thing at Christmas is to remember. Talk about them, share your favourite memories and maybe even lay a place for them at the Christmas table. At some point during the day, talk to them and send them a little message as I am sure they will be looking down and watching.

Also remember those who are less fortunate than us that cannot afford presents or cards and who won't be having a Christmas feast. Also remember those who are spending Christmas on their own, with nobody to exchange presents with or pull crackers. For these people, it will just be another day, so the best thing you can do is donate a couple of pounds to a charity supporting people so that their next Christmas will be one to remember. It is after all a time for giving! 


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