On the Twnety-fourth day of Christmas... A stressful Christmas Eve

When I was growing up, Christmas Eve was a magical day, full of excitement and anticipation about what presents Santa would bring in the morning. Mum would always have lots of things she would need to do, from housework to making food for Christmas Day so I always remember a day full of Christmas movies and playing out with my friends.

However, as I've got older, I feel its only right to help out with preparing the house for guests arriving the next day. We have a very small house, which is he perfect size for us on a daily basis, however when we have guests coming such as on Christmas Day, it is always a squeeze to make sure we have enough room.

Every year we always take a wreath out to my granddads gave on Christmas Eve, no matter how busy the rest of the day is. I think it is important to remember those family members and close friends that are no longer with us and the best way we have found is go and spend a few minutes with him, clean up his stone and take out a festive wreath.

This year I went to my fiancĂ©'s flat for a few hours to spend time with him as well as the dog, as Trixie would be on her own for most of Christmas day as she is too boisterous to have around some of the elderly guests. I also used this time to cook the mini sausage rolls and cocktail sausages.
After lunch, mum picks me and nan up and we go to the crem to wish granddad a merry Christmas before going home to hoover and rearrange the house. We stop about 9pm and have some mince pies and a cup of tea, after which we put the Santa stop here sign outside and put some mince pies, milk and a carrot on a tray for Santa and his reindeer - a family tradition no matter what age. Then its time for bed, ready for a long day tomorrow... 


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