The Kelly Diane Review Of The Week

 In the news

The world was recently rocked by the events in Paris. I can’t believe that at the beginning of 2015 such sad and horrific things are still happening. Even more worrying is that news that similar events may happen in other countries including closer to home. My thoughts go out to the victims, their family and their friends. This recent event has also opened my eyes to how much online newspapers are publishing in terms of photos used. Only this morning I went onto one website which I frequently use, to be faced straight away with a woman using a weapon in Syria. I understand that things shouldn’t be hidden from the public as they were in previous decades, however, it is so easy in a world were technology is used by many different generations, that these photographs may and will probably been seen by children. In terms of parenting when I have kids I would like to keep them informed about what is happening in the world - but only to a certain extent. For example I would only say that some bad people did some very bad things in Paris and absolutely no way would I show them the pictures that are emerging.

Another thing that has worried me in the news is about the ambulances and hospitals in the south west. We recently had to use this service for one of my relatives who had had a fall and we could really see how this service was struggling. We were asked if we could drive the relative to the hospital as their was a long waiting list for an ambulance and when we said we were physically unable to, we had to wait three hours for one to be available. The reason we called for an ambulance was because it was an emergency and the relative had hit her head and had a massive lump formed. The relative is elderly and so we were worried about any damaged caused by the fall. The next problem was that when the relative was emitted to the hospital the notes which the paramedics had made were not transferred to the hospital staff properly as they only thought the relative had been emitted due to feeling ill and were apparently unaware of any fall taken place. This angered me because paramedics have such long forms that they have to fill in with silly questions to answer and yet when it is taken to the hospital, medical staff fail to bother to even glance at it.

Health and Fitness

This week is the first week of getting fit and healthy. I downloaded an app on my phone called My Fitness Pal and I have to say I love it. It has really shown me where I have been going wrong in terms of my eating. I have been using it for three days so far and two of the days ended with me overeating. The app also takes into consideration any exercise I do so that if I have overeaten I could do some exercise until I have burnt off what I need to. I’m looking forward to using this app to help me reach my goal of losing two and a half stone.

I recently watched the programme that Katie Hopkins did about fat people and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I used to absolutely hate Katie and thought she lived on another planet. And while I don’t agree with everything she believes, I do admire her for standing up for her opinions - at least you know where you stand with her. I do also agree with her that all this tip-toeing around the issue of obesity is not going to get us anywhere. I have found this programme to have helped me because at present I am probably the size and weight of what she was at her heaviest on the programme and I have a new found confidence of losing the weight. I have been using her method of eating less and moving more and I have to say I feel great for it. I’m not cutting certain things out of my life like you would with strict diets, instead I am eating and smaller portions and doing more exercise. If I want that extra bag of crisps I know I need to do a twenty minute jog. Its about changing the mind-set not trying to stick to diet rules


Before Christmas I had started a new plan to not spend so much, however in the run-up to Christmas I failed as I had a lot of presents to buy in a short amount of time. I therefore decided to try again after Christmas and this week has been the first week. I have been at work most of the week and even on my day off I have refused to go into town to avoid temptations. Every time I think about buying something I keep asking myself do I need it, which of course normally I don’t. I used to have a monthly subscription to Glossybox which I have cancelled as I don’t need as much make up as I have. This week I have paid my rent, phone and internet bill, and a large chunk of my debts. I did treat myself to a couple magazines that came to £4.50 but that is all. So this week has been a positive for me.

Big brother

Celebrity Big Brother viewers were shocked at the events from last night. I couldn’t believe what had gone on in a short space of time. Ken has just proved how very much like his soap character he really is. To use the N word was bad enough, but then to be told to stop by another housemate yet still carry on was the worst thing he could do.

I think big brother were right to kick Jeremy from the house and I think what he did was disgusting. The fact that young people watch this makes it worse, as celebrities are usually looked up to and you expect them to set a good example. How could Jeremy think what he did wasn’t wrong (which he believed when he first came out of the toilet). I hope Chloe can move past this and enjoy the rest of her time in the house.

I really can't stand Perez Hilton. I knew he was very much Marmite - you either love him or hate him but I can't believe how annoying he is. Any little drama he has to be the centre of attention, even if it wasn't originally about him. For example last night with the events between Chloe and Jeremy, Perez felt the need to say that HE didn't feel safe in the house with Jeremy there. It seemed it didn't matter how Chloe felt it was just all about Perez.


This week I have been reading Lauren Weisberger’s Revenge Wears Prada. I received this book last Christmas and was so excited to read it as I loved the first one. However I tried reading it just after I got it and couldn’t get into it so I thought I would try again this year. I have to admit again that at the beginning I couldn’t get into it but I persevered and am no half way through and loving it. The book is a bit slow to start with but I recommend to anybody reading it to keep going as it does get really interesting.


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