The Kelly Diane Review Of The Week

In the news

I’ve been holidaying in Greece for quite a few years no and have made many friends with the locals. I was therefore not surprised with the election result this week. I think it is never good news when a far left-wing party is elected as they have such extreme views. I don’t believe these are the views shared between most of the Greek people. However I do think the political have been very clever, knowing that the Greek public do not want the austerity measures currently in place. The lure of abolishing these measures meant the many of the voters didn’t take much notice about the party’s other beliefs. At the end of the day, you always believe the grass in greener on the other side and only time will tell if it was the best decision.

Another worrying news item was the increasing about of Russian planes flying near or in British Aerospace. The tactics Russia are using are very similar to that used during the Cold War. I just hope it dies down naturally very quickly as appose to events worsening.

The finale news story to be mentioned this week is that of the Greek F-16 crash in Spain as part of the NATO training exercises. As a keen aviation enthusiast, this saddened me more than any other news story for quite some time.

The crash took place when technology difficulties arrived on take off and the two Greek pilots were unable to eject. Waiting in various places on the airfield where planes and pilots from all different NATO nationalities, full of fuel and waiting for their turn to take off. The Greek F-16 unfortunately crashed into some of the planes waiting and caused a massive explosion with catastrophic consequences. Many of the pilots and ground crew in the area of the crash were either killed outright or are now suffering from horrific burns in terrible pain due the explosions of aviation fuel. It saddens me that we have met and enjoyed watching these pilots and their planes fly at air shows around the country and it has brought home the dangers of aviation in this modern day. These people were killed doing their job, duty and what they loved. Yet the training programme has been intensified by NATO members due to the actions of Russia as well as extreme military groups around the world. My thoughts go out to the injured and witnesses, as well as the family, friends and colleagues of all those involved in the crash this week.

Health & Fitness

This week I’ve been limiting my calorie intake to 1,200 and trying to end the day just under that. It has definitely paid off with me losing 6 pounds this week! This has given me the motivation to carry on.


I have to admit that I am a little disappointed at the weather this week. It has been bitter, with cold winds all week and most of the country currently has snow. But not where I am to. Instead we have got heavy showers that leave you feeling cold for the rest of the day.


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