February Monthly Favourites

I'm a bit late with putting this up but it is finally here! This month I have been trying to take care of my skin a bit more as I always find during the cold winter months I don't keep it up as much. I'm sure the sun will be coming out soon and I've only got a few months until my holiday so I want my skin to be ready. This comes across in this months favourites as I start to target areas...

Firstly I would like to start of with Soap & Glory Heel Genius foot cream. It is amazing and smells incredible. When applying it feels so luxurious and cream that I feel as if I have spent £30 or £40 on it when in reality I have only spent £5.50 (Available at Boots)

My second item is also part of the Soap & Glory range and is the Hand Dream cream. Again this feels like I've spent a lot more money on it than I have. It smells great and is not greasy like some hand creams tend to be. This can also be bought from Boots and costs £7.00

My third item is Garnier's make up remover water. This is great - I have been using it morning and evening and it does the job without drying my skin up. It gets rid of pretty much all my make up and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. This is available from boots for as little as £3.45 depending on size. 

 The next favourite it Olay's sunkissed day cream. This is a great moisturiser with SPF and has a tinned colour to it once applied that gives you some coverage. I have been using this on its own without the need of a foundation recently and my skin feels smooth and looks clear. The cream feels water-based and so is easy to apply and doesn't clog up my poores. This can be bought from Boots for £14.99

So that is all the skincare favourites. But I have one other favourite that I thought I would share. It is a book and its Jade Forever In Our Hearts. It took me just over a week to read this book, I was so gripped I couldn't put it down. It tells the story of Jade Goody's cancer hell from start to finish, using her diaries. I thought it was going to be sad all the way through, but with Jade's wicked sense of humour and outlook on life, she was able to tell her experience without it just being all doom and gloom. This book doesn't hold back and from reading it I have learn a lot more about what cancer sufferers go through, including many of the side effects that have previously been left untold. I think everyone should read either this book or a similar book as it changes your perception on life and really makes you think.


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