My March Wishlist

Hello everyone! So I know we are over half way through March but I thought I would do a little wishlist for you. I have to admit I struggled with this one slightly, as I didn't feel there was much I wanted. My birthday is round the corner and people have been asking me what I want but I honestly don't know.
However, I have managed to think of my top 5 things I would like so carry on reading to find out...

The first item is a cam-corder. I haven't got a picture to show you as there isn't a specific one I want. However I just really want one of my own as I'm always using the family one, but I can't take it everywhere with me, especially if its already in use.

The second item again I have got a photo of because I haven't found a pair I like and that is a pair of skinny ripped jeans. I always find it really difficult to find jeans I like so I don't feel that I have a pair that I could rip myself. I think skinny ripped jeans are perfect for springtime and as I'm now going to the gym and hopefully will be loosing weight they might look good on me.

The next couple items are more beauty based with the first being Benefit's Puff Off eye gel. I have recently been suffering with under eye puffiness so I would like to try this out to see if it helps.
Available from Feel Unique for £22.50
The next beauty item is from First Aid Beauty and its their Facial Radiance Pads. In a couple of months I will be going on holiday so I want to get my skinny looking fresh and healthy. So many people rave about First Aid Beauty products and I would love to try some out for myself.

Available from Feel Unique £22.00
My final wish is that this summer sun and blue sky that is out today is here to stay so that I can pack my winter jumpers away.


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