The Kelly Diane Review Of The Week

In the news

It was so sad to see the ST3KR plane crash with Harrison Ford. I'm glad that his injuries are classed as non-life-threatening. It just goes to show that even with all the technology and safety procedures in place, accidents like these still happen. 

Another bit of news that caught my eye was the closing down of some legal high selling shops. Since October, police have had the power that if they gather enough evidence, they can take the owners to court and even close down the shop. A few shops in my local area of been closed down and I think this is great. I worked just down the road from one of these shops and it became horrible walking down the road to work each day. The would follow you, shout abuse at you, or even in some cases threaten or become violent. I think closing down the shops is a great idea but I also think that legal highs should become illegal. A police officer recently explained that they are not regulated in any way so the contents of each packet could vary. Not only that but when a users has taken a legal high, they will most likely not be in control of their mind or body and this is where things start to go wrong. The side effects of using Legal Highs are so shocking, its hard to understand why people start using them. They can cause drowsiness, hallucinations, poisoning, panic, confusion and make you find it hard to breathe, feel overconfident and paranoid. These symptoms on their own make users of Legal Highs dangerous not only to themselves but to the general public as well. The long term effect is they can be poisonous, cause seizures, put you in a coma or even kill you. I therefore hope that in the near future Legal Highs will be a banned substance.

The last piece of news that caught my eye was Kim Kardashian's new hair colour. I personally feel happier with blonde hair and I think it is always good to experiment with hair colour. However when choosing to be blonde, the one thing I hate is if they have really dark eyebrows as it just doesn't go well. I think maybe a couple shades darker would have looked better personally. 

Health & Fitness

I have finally done it! I've signed up to the gym and I love it. When I first got there I was so nervous but now I can't wait to go back. I was worried everyone would be staring at me or laughing but everyone was in fact to busy concentrating on what they were doing to care or notice. I am hoping to start by going once or twice a week and then built up to maybe three times plus carry on with my swimming so watch this space.


I feel like I've been doing well recently. I've managed to pay of my credit card bill which I was really proud of and I now don't owe anything to any clubs. I just have to now concentrate on paying off my laptop bill and paying and saving for my holiday. I have been sorting out my things as well and I can't believe how much crap I have been buying. We have been sorting out a relatives house due to illness and I think this shopaholic thing runs in the family. Hopefully I can break the cycle and save some money at the same time. At least, because we have been so busy sorting it out, I haven't had the time to go into town shopping.


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