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In the news

I was so excited at the thought of another solar eclipse, as the last one that I had seen was when I was really young and so I couldn't really remember. Although this wasn't a full eclipse there was so much hype surrounding it, I just knew I wanted to watch it. I always like to watch certain things, especially if it is a once in a lifetime opportunity as I think it is great to look back and remember that day. For example, many people could tell you where they were when the 9/11 events took place. I thought the eclipse was magical and made the rest of the day seem pretty summery and special.

I can't believe that the Jeremy Clarkson case is still going on! I understand that what he did was wrong and I think he understands it too. If he didn't, he would never had reported it himself. People keep dragging up things he has done in the past such as events in Argentina. However, I can't help but think that surely some of that drama was down to the producers of the show. It was obvious that the car's numberplate had meaning to it so surely the producer should have said they can't film it. With regards to the video about the slope that leaked afterwards - ok he might have said it but he probably thought it wasn't going to be seen by millions. It didn't make the cut for obvious reasons but then there is obviously a mole within the Top Gear production team to have leaked it. I think Jeremy Clarkson is just being used as a scapegoat because a few people at the BBC don't like him or his humour. However, there are lots of people that do like him and watch Top Gear purely to see what they are getting up to. I'm just glad that the three presenters have decided to stick together as it proved how wrongly the case is being handled.

Health & Fitness

So, as you may have read, a couple of weeks ago I joined the gym! I have to say I am absolutely loving it and want to be there all the time. I feel so good after a workout and my clothes are starting to feel lose, so I no it is working. It has also meant that my eating habits have changed as I don't want to make all my hard work at the gym for nothing. As get I don't think I have lost much weight but I can feel the inches dropping off and I hope it continues.  


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