A quick message to say ... Thank you for my presents

As promised at the weekend, I thought I would share with you just a few of the lovely presents I received. I had asked for some things with 21 on as it only happens once, so although some of you may not like presents with ages on, it was what I asked for. Enough of me chatting, I've posted below just a handful of presents I received. 

For some reason the picture keeps turning this way so there is nothing I can do about it. However this present was from my mum and dad and was one of my favourite presents I received. This is such a lovely gift for anyone as it is really personal and special.

I actually received a couple of these but I love them. These days the key to the door at 21 isn't as special as it used to be. Due to modern life, people have keys to the house at a much earlier age.  However I am very much into my vintage ways and think its an important part of growing up so I was delighted with these.

I also got this lovely wine glass that I will cherish. It was from somebody that has been going through a hard time lately and I really wasn't expecting it. 

I have to admit I knew I was getting this as I personally chose which one I wanted. For each "special" birthday I have asked for one of the Royal Doulton ladies. I received one for my 16th, 18th and now my 21st. This particular one is called Gillian and has since sold out. I think she is beautiful.

It has been a well known fact amongst my family and friends that I really wanted a cocktail glass. For a lot of my friends birthdays I bought them each a cocktail mixer and glass, and I really wanted one for myself... so now I have.
So there you have it, these were just a handful of presents I was luckily enough to receive. I've done this post because I love seeing what people get for their birthday and I find inspiration for presents from such posts. It was in no way a bragging post, just a sharing of present ideas. One present that i would like to mention also is that I received a video camera that I really wanted. I would like to hope that some time in the future I might pluck up enough courage to maybe make a few videos for YouTube to go alongside this blog so watch this space...


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