My Summer Skincare Routine

Hello everyone,

So it looks as if summer might actually be on its way ... finally!
I therefore thought it would be the perfect time to talk through my routine and tell you about some of the products I use. I class myself as having 'normal' skin - on the whole my skin is good but I do occasionally get break outs or dry patches. So therefore my routine does sometimes vary - if my skin needs an extra boost, I might reach for a face mask or a intense night cream.

When I wake up in the morning, I like to use a cleanser to refresh and revive my skin after my nights sleep. I then give my face about twenty minutes to breathe without any products on whilst I have my breakfast as I think this helps to clean more pores clear for longer.

I have to admit that I don't use a lot of the 'steps' that many other bloggers and magazines rave about. This is a decision that took a lot of thinking about and experimenting with to find what my skin was happy with. I therefor don't use a toner very often and I try to stay away from too many chemicals. If I had the choice between two products I will always choose the one that contains more natural ingredients over those with hyped up chemicals.

The next step in my routine is to put a daytime moisturizer. At the moment I am using Clinique's anti blemish moisturizer as my skin feels so happy since I started using this. I let this soak in for about ten minutes before I apply a sun cream.

I usually go on holiday in May which is quite early in the summer and I usually come back a nice healthy colour. Once I return, I tend to not wear too much make up and I feel comfortable doing so. Going on holiday signals the start of my summer skincare routine for me, so from then on make up wise I tend to just wear eyeliner, mascara and a lipstick or gloss. Before getting dressed I always put on a moisturizer and some sun cream.

At the end of the day, I wash my face with dove soap and water and that is all. I don't put moisturizer on at night unless my skin needs it as it usually causes me to break out. So in terms of my skincare, I would say its pretty basic and easy to do everyday which is what I want. In the morning I don't have much time so I like it being quick and easy so that I don't feel I have to 'skip it'.

So there you have it my summer skincare routine. I'd love to hear what you do or if there is any natural products you recommend

KellyDiane X


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