My Top 7 Travel Destinations

Hello everyone,

Its that time of year when it seems everybody is talking and thinking about holidays. Whether its amongst friends and family or on the tv and radio, that's all people are talking about. Because I have my holiday early in the season I tend to get the summer blues at particularly in June/July. So I thought I would put together a list of my top 7 travel destinations. With this list I have chosen places that I have never been to before so I would love to hear any recommendations of things to do whilst there...

1. New York, USA. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to go to New York. For me I think it always stems back to watching Home Alone - I would love to spend Christmas in New York and go shopping and do festive things. The weather in England is  bit hit or miss the last couple of years. It can either be really cold and snowing or be quite mild. I would love to spend Christmas wrapped up warm wearing festive jumpers rather than be in a t-shirt and leggings!

2. Berlin, Germany. For me this is definitely somewhere I want to see. It has been a focus point throughout history and has endured and learnt so much that I think it is a must that people see it. Another reason for me wanting to go is that I studied German history at school so I would love to actually see the things I wrote about.

3. Athens, Greece. I have been to quite a few of the Greek islands through the years but I have never been to Athens. For me I would like to see the Acropolis - seen on always all postcards and pictures of Athens. I love the Greeks and think they are one of the most kind and generous nationalities I have had the pleasure to know. I definitely think people should still use Greece as a holiday destination despite the recent events taken place over there.

4. France. I haven't chosen a particular area in France as I would love to do a battlefield tour so I would be visiting various different locations. As you may know I have another blog that focuses wartime life. I would love to see where the first war that really dragged every man, woman and child into the war took place.

5 & 6. Ireland & Scotland. I live in England and have been to Wales many times (a lot of my family still live there). But I feel like I'm missing out having not seen the other half of the United Kingdom.

7. Rome, Italy. After watching The Lizzie McGuire movie when I was younger, I have always wanted to 'Do as the Romans Do'. A few of my friends have been to Rome and have said it is a must see destination. I want to find out if it really is or if its just a load of hype.

If you have been to any of these destinations let me know what you think. I'd also love to hear any other recommendations or places you would like to visit...

KellyDiane X


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