Top 8 inspirational celebrity styles

I have to admit it, I love nothing more than flicking through the latest edition of OK! or Closer magazine. I read a couple of stories but I mainly just look at the pictures to see what celebs are wearing. I therefore thought I would share some of my favourite celebrity styles, from where I get inspiration from. There are so many that I like, I came to the decision to narrow it down to just 8 - with a daytime and evening style... So here we go

Alex Gerrard 

I love this daytime look as it is so simple, with classic nude colours,simple make up and some basic items of jewellery. This isa great look for a day of shopping, for comfort and to look effortlessly chick.

For an evening look Alex has spiced things up to look the belle of the ball. By adding a smokey eye effect and sweeping her hair to one side, it really create a great sexy silhouette. The diamonte band cinches in the waist and breaks the dress up a bit, adding more shape.  

Jessica Simpson

I have been a fan of Jessica since I first saw The Newlyweds all those years ago and I like nothing more than to watch the box set in my spare time. Her style has evolved over the years but I think she still looks fabulous. I think this casual daytime look is so easy to do that you can just throw this together even when you haven't got much time and still look great. It is a very cost effective outfit as well, as all you need to really purchase is a blazer if you don't already own one as we all have a plain white or cream top and jeans. You can then add accessories on to this if you would like to.

For an evening look I love print or pattern for an effortless chick outfit. I find that with printed dresses you don't need any accessories as the dress does all the talking. I think it a great to wear colour in the evening rather than just sticking to dark colours.
Lauren Conrad
I have enjoyed watching Lauren's style grow right from her Laguna Beach and The Hills days. I love this bold colour on the bottoms as many people think you should just wear bold colour on the top. However, I have always found that if you mix it up and wear bold trousers, you stand out from the crowd more.

Sometimes, it is just as nice to wear nude colours at night. Here, Lauren looks great and is showing off her glowing tan. When it comes to summertime, you see all these bold prints on tops and dresses but sometimes it is better to go right back to the basics, especially if you go away - A nude dress can be dressed up or down to get a couple days outfits in one dress.
Kate Middleton
I along with many others, always look to see what Kate is wearing. I think this classic outfit shows elegance and is something that I could have seen Princess Diana wearing. The gold button detail brings it more into the modern style. You can never go wrong with navy and cream and I always choose these colours to put together for an event when I haven't had much time to plan.

I love the shape and colour of this dress. The lace detail and dropped neckline is something you don't normally see a Royal family member wearing but I think this shows how down to earth Kate is. I have a dress in a similar colour which I love as it goes great with paler skin colours without you looking washed out.
Millie Mackintosh
White jeans and summertime just go together so well. Add to this a simple top and some heels and this is what you get. As Millie proves, this is the perfect look for walking around London and is a great summery outfit for those overcast and cloudy days. Leave those tiny shorts for the beach and instead opt for some white skinny jeans to complete your look.

I love this cut of dress as it looks great on all shapes. It gives those tiny frames a more curvaceous look and balances out those with larger frames. I love dresses with a white background as they are a bit lighter for summer. The pink and yellow print add a subtle splash of colour. 
Coleen Rooney
I think this look is so classic and simple and works really well on those chillier days. During the colder months most people stick to dark colours, opting for a thick black coat so I thought this cream jacket adds a touch of colour and gives more of a spring feel.

Again this simple design is perfect for an evening out and the collar detail takes it from a plain little black dress to something a bit more classy. The full skirt adds a more volume and the length of the dress, paired with the black heels gives Coleen a more lengthened height.

Paloma Faith

I love Paloma's style as it is a bit different and she is not afraid to try something outside the box. I remember watching a programme about Paloma's style and she said that pretty much everything she owns is vintage which I think is great and you won't really see someone with the same outfit as you. I also think it adds that little bit more fun to style as you can experiment with different looks.

I love how the sequins are reflecting the light to make a nude dress a lot more colourful. Paloma has made it look so simple but yet it really is effective. I love sequins if I am going on a night out as long as there isn't too many that I look like a disco ball!
Michelle Keegan

This outfit gives off a more retro/vintage vibe to it which I think is great. It looks more ladylike than some of the dresses you see people wearing. I'm glad to see that prints are coming back as I think they make a great outfit without having to wear lots of accessories. This look suits a variety of ages as well and is being a popular outfit choice.

I love this floor length beaded dress - it looks so elegant without having to use lots of accessories. By keeping the hair and make up simple, Michelle has made the dress stand out even more. I also love the shape of the dress being it fits in all the right places without being really clingy and even reminds me of the Downton Abbey style.

So there you have it, my top 8 inspirational celebrity styles. I'd love to know what your favourite celeb style is and why so feel free to comment below.

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