My New Obsession

The last couple of weeks, I have been really getting back into selling on eBay. I used to do it quite a lot a few years ago but when I got really busy I never got the chance to list items. Then selling pages on Facebook appeared and really took off and it felt like eBay was almost forgotten. However, I have never used the Facebook selling pages because i don't like the idea of inviting a stranger to come to my home to pick something up, especially when you are hoping that they are going to be honest and pay the agreed price. I have heard of so many stories where people haven't turned up or have refused to pay the agreed price. What I don't understand is why so many people use these sites - you wouldn't normally invite a complete stranger to your house would you? Weren't we always taught not to talk to strangers? And why would you sell things in a way that you are not covered by the police. If something in the selling process goes wrong there is nothing you can do. 
That is why I like eBay. You are covered by them to a certain extend, you don't have to let your customer have the item until they have paid the agreed price and you can fit it around your fay - you don't have to wait around for someone to show up.

So here are my top tips to help you sell on eBay

  • List a few items a night - spread it out. You don't have to spend hours listing items until you can't take it any more. Instead I try to have a box somewhere that I can add items to when I don't want them. In the evenings I then list about two or three items a night, making the listing last for 7 days. 
  • The picture is the key to attracting buyers - Lets face it nobody is going be interested in something they can't see. Make sure pictures are clear and to the point. People don't need to see background items that aren't for sell!
  • Add as much information as you can - just like you would read when buying something on-line. People want to know the size including length, the colours and materials as well as condition. Try to put as much detail as possible to draw in the buyers.
  • Treat it as your business - Great customer service is the key to keeping buyers. If you keep your customer up to date with what is happening and get the item to them as quickly as possible, they are more likely to check back and buy something else from you
So there you go - my top tips for selling on eBay. I've really got the bug for it again and am always selling something on there. Its turned into my little project that is hopefully going to make me some money. It is so simple to do - anybody can sell on eBay - give it a go

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