My Statement Necklace Collection

I will admit it took me some time to get into the whole statement necklace trend. To start with I couldn't find any I liked. It wasn't until I tried one on that I realised they look much better on than they do on a stand. In the last 6 or so months I have been wearing statement necklaces and have built up a little collection which I thought I would share with you...

This necklace is perfect to wear with a plain dress in the evening, it catches the light beautifully.

Although it is difficult to see from the picture, this necklace is a mixture of peach, pink and cream stones that create a more put together look with any daytime outfit.

This one is very similar to the one above but just has peach and cream stones. This adds a bit of a summery feel to any outfit.

This is a lovely piece to wear both day and night. It is quite heavy and the discs at the bottom jangle so it is best not to wear it to meetings or the library!

This looks great with a little black dress and is perfect for a night out.

This is one of my latest purchases but I'm not really sure what to wear it with so let me know what you think

Until next time ...

KellyDianeReport X


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