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I always love looking at what boots and shoes other people have and I remember the first Youtube video I watched was Fleurdeforce doing a winter boots collection. As it is now Autumn I thought I would share with you my boots collection. Firstly I would like to apologise for some of the bad photos you are about to see, the lighting in my house isn't great so it was the only place where it was light enough to pick up the detail. Secondly, I am aware that some of them are not extremely clean but as I live in the country I am wearing these boots on a daily basis. Lastly, I do apologise about how many there are, I honestly didn't realise until I took them out to take photos. Please note this is not me bragging, most of them I have had for quite a few years.

This cute little ankle boots are my latest pair which I have only had for a couple of weeks. They are from Just Fab and so far are really comfortable. From the front they are just a plain black ankle boot. At the side they have a usable zip detail and towards the rear they have a quilting effect. With a small heel these are perfect for both day and night. 

As you may be able to tell, these are one of my favourite pairs of boots and have seen a lot of wear. I am currently waiting to get the re-heeled because I've worn them so much. I bought them in TK Maxx about three years ago but I can't see what brand they are. They have a turn down faux sheep skin bit at the top and a tie with beads and tassel detail on the side. They are structured but look more slouchy than they actually are and are really comfy.

These very similar to the ones above but are lace up and flat. These remind me of an airman's boot. I bought these at the January sales earlier this year and are by brand Fiore. However they are not very comfortable around the ankle area and I have to wear really thick socks to stop them rubbing my shins.

So I bought these to replace the above and these are a lot more comfortable. They have this pretty stitching detail around the front and sides and have a darker elastic insert detail to the side. This both adds to the look and makes it easier to get on and off. These are also by the brand Fiore.

I have been searching for tall black boots for a few years and was unable to find any until I saw this pair. They have a tiny heel and a wider bit at the top so they are really comfortable. On the front they have a buckle strap with buckle at the side and on the rear they have a brass coil effect. These are from Debenhams

I was given these a couple of months ago by a friend. They are a shoe boot with cut out detail in the front and a zip at the back. They are a platform style and are quite high so I'm still getting used to them. These are from New Look

I love how pretty these look with the embroidered cut out detail and small wooden heel. However, white is not a practical colour and they are not very comfortable to wear so I don't wear these very often. These are by brand Odeon

These are my old faithful's from shoe zone which I've had for many years. I normally use these as work boots during December and January as the grip on these are great which is perfect for when it is icy. 

I'm always wearing these yet they hardly look worn. These are in the Ugg style but they are actually by a brand called Ella and cost me £7. This will be the second winter I have worn these and they still look like new!

Lastly, every girl in the country needs a pair of wellies and this pair from Deichmann are great. They in an ankle style rather than full length and have the cute little gold bow detail on the side. They aren't the most comfortable but then wellies normally aren't.

So there you have it, my extremely large boot collection. 

Until next time...

KellyDianeReport X


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