October Monthly Favourites

  I'm sat here writing this not believing that it is already the end of October - where has the time gone! I don't normally do monthly favourites because I don't feel I use that many different things each month to do one every month. However, I have been loving some new products this month so I thought I would put them into a monthly favourites post. 

Hair wise I have started using Dove's Colour Care shampoo and conditioner from their Damage Solutions to try and revive my hair a bit. I have been using this every three days for the past month and I can honestly say that you can noticeably see the difference. Not only can I see it, other people have commented on it as well. In terms of feel, it has left my hair really smooth without feeling greasy and has also toned down the contrast between my dyed hair and natural colour at the roots. 

I have had this product in the cupboard since the start of the year but haven't got round to using it before now. Its the Lynx Attract For Her shower gel which smells amazing. I was a bit unsure about using it because Lynx is normally such a manly scent but I was quite surprised at how feminine it smelt. Not only that but the lasting power of this shower gel is great! I can still smell it hours after I have had a shower which normally most shower gel smells have faded by then.

On to the face...
I have been loving the Clinique redness soluntions foundation again this month. I use this as my staple winter foundation but I had forgot how well it works. The coverage is fantastic without the pigmentation being too orange and it is so easy to blend in. It's great that it has the SPF as well because I often forget to apply anything during the winter months even though I know I should. But lets face it, who would want to put suncream on when it is raining heavily and is really windy? 

I have gone back to my first ever powder!
This was the first ever one I bought and I can honestly say I had good choice. The colour is perfect and natural and doesn't give you that over powdered look that other brands do. It is perfect to keep in your handbag although I feel the packaging could be updated by adding a mirror as by the time you take a mirror, brush and the powder, a small bag is nearly full. However this feels so natural to the skin that you hardly notice you are wearing make up.

Now the colder weather is coming I have been loving the Figs & Rouge lip balm. It smells amazing and is hydrating without being greasy. In the summer I made a pack with myself to look after my lips more as winter arrived because last year I didn't until it was too late and my lips were sore and didn't look great either. I couldn't wear any of my lipsticks so my make up always looked like I hadn't finished it. Therefore this month, I have been carrying this around with me EVERYWHERE and I don't think I can live without it now. 

A couple of months ago I may have made a sneaky purchase! I have been looking at the Naked palettes for YEARS but have never been able to justify buying it. I had always hoped that I would get it for Christmas or Birthdays but that never happened. Then I had an email for £10 off Feel Unique back in the summer and I knew instantly what I needed to buy. I am completely in love with it and can honestly say that all the hype about it is completely true and that it is really worth the money. I haven't even looked at any other eyeshadows this month! I am hoping to do a review of it really soon so I won't go into too much detail... all I will say is I am completely and utterly obsessed with it.

So that is it for October, now winter is really beginning. I would love to know what you have been loving this month so let me know
Until next time ...

KellyDianeReport X


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