Product Review - Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser

Okay, so I have to admit it, when it comes to body moisturiser I am quite lazy. I find it so difficult to have the motivation to apply a cream or butter after having a bath or shower. Which was why when Vaseline brought out the body moisturiser spray I bought it straight away. However, I recently saw that Nivea have brought out their own easy moisturiser in the form of an in shower version. I was a bit sceptical at first because there are lots of shower gels on the market that claim to moisturise the skin but that don't really do it that well. But I took the plunge and bought it...

My great Auntie always used Nivea and when I was growing up she would let me use some of her's so I have always loved the original scent but they have added almond oil to it which made the scent seem younger. I couldn't wait to try it so that evening I did. Following the instructions, I used my own shower gel first and then applied this directly to my skin afterwards before washing it off. I will happily admit that IT DOES WORK!! It left my skin really smooth and nourished looking, however, what it did to my hands wasn't that great. Because the instructions said to put it directly onto skin I used my hands instead of a mitt. Although I washed my hands thoroughly, the product became like a flaky gel on my hands that just wouldn't come off!

The product itself lasted on my skin for about 18 hours so not quite the 24 hours it claimed but it was still long enough. Overall I really liked the product but I think in future I will apply it using a mitt !

Until next time...

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