On The 10th Day Of Christmas... A Lush Festive Haul

Hello everyone! I recently went into Lush to purchase some products from the Christmas range. Every December I pop down to my local Lush store and go on spending spree so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a haul for you...

My first choice was this Butterbear. He is so cute looking and smells lovely. I bought one of these last year and loved how soft the cocoa butter made my skin feel so I was absolutely going to repurchase this one. It is sweet smelling without being sickly which I love!

Shoot for the stars caught my eye as soon as I walked in the shop. It's design on the outside is so pretty that I almost don't want to use it. This bath bomb boasts calming properties and will all the stress of preparing for Christmas, I can't wait to see if it lives up to it. 

I love all things stars so Stardust was a must for me. The description believes it has soothing properties which again I would like to test. The vanilla scent makes me feel relaxed already and I have only been smelling it!

Flash news alert!! I have finally given in and bought a bath bomb that has gold glitter! I have always previously been too scared of anything with gold glitter as I thought I would be finding bits of it for weeks to come. However, so many people really love the Golden Wonder bath bomb and I knew I have some days off before Christmas so I thought I would give it a go - At least no one will see me if I have a strange golden looking tan! I have been loving citrus scents recently so I know I'm going to love this one.

Dashing Santa was one of my favourites last year so I knew I wanted to get this one again as soon as I saw it was back this year. As I said above I have been loving citrus scents recently and this was smells amazing. The essential oils left my skin feeling super soft for days afterwards so I can't wait to give my skin an extra boost before those Christmas parties. 

Who could resist such a cute face (even if the end of his nose is missing). Father Christmas is a very sweet smelling but fun looking bath bomb which I will be saving for Christmas eve. I can't wait to see what it does when it goes in the bath. 

Candy Mountain bubble bar was the first product from Lush I ever tried so it is close to my heart. It is quite sweet smelling but it is neither overpowering or sickly. I love how it turns the water a very girly pink colour. 

I remember the hype with Cinders last year but I never got the chance to pick it up from my local shop so I was determined as soon as I saw it was back to purchase one. I'm not a big fan of Christmas spices but I thought I would give this one a try and see if it lives up to what everyone else has said.

So there we go my Lush festive haul. For me, lush plays such a big part in my Christmas - I love nothing more than having a nice hot bath with a different bath bomb each time.

Until next time

KellyDianeReport X


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