On The 11th Day Of Christmas ... My Top 5 Christmas Jumpers

Lets face it, over the last few years, Christmas jumpers have become hugely popular and the more novelty the better. So I thought I would share with you the top 5 jumpers I have found on eBay. eBay have some really good deals if you want a cheap jumper to wear once or if you are wanting a more expensive one that you can wear throughout the Christmas season and maybe Christmas next year, you can also find these. You can find a lot of rude, tongue in cheek style jumpers but I thought I would go for more child-friendly jumpers, so without further ado ...

Everyone loves an elf and this is perfect. You can wear it an a jumper or as part of a Christmas outfit. This jumper comes complete with ringing bells along the neckline and comes in at a cost of £11.99

These days you can't go anywhere without seeing something Frozen themed so why not base your Christmas jumper around this and get an Olaf jumper. You can buy these for £7.99

For those meerkat lovers why not choose this one. This jumper is not over the top but comes complete with pom pom on the end of the hat and comes in at a cost of £7.99

This jumper is just plain cute and is the cheapest of the 5 jumpers I have chosen coming in at just £5.99!

For those of you who want something that is not as bold, why not choose this simple Christmas tree design jumper complete with diamontes. You can buy this version for £11.95

I would love to see your favourite Christmas jumpers so feel free to show me. Don't forget to join me tomorrow to see what the 12th Day Of Christmas brings!

Until next time

KellyDianeReport X


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