On the 13th Day Of Christmas... Make Your Own Advent Calender With Mummy Elf

Hello everyone! Mummy Elf here again as promised and today I have something exciting for you. As the title suggests we will be making our own Christmas Advent Calenders! I have been promising Kelly for ages that I would make an advent calender and now I have finally got round to it...

To make the advent calender you will need: 

Some backing to hang the stockings on ( I chose a festive thin door mat)
Double knit wool in two colours (I've chosen red and silver)
Number 10 knitting needles
Some form of numbering (I have used pegs with numbers printed on)
A treat for opening each day
Small nickel D-rings

Once you have all the above items its time to get started...

For the stockings:

Begin at the top of the stocking and with the colour of your choice. Cast on 20 stitches and knit one row. Begining with a knit row stocking stitching 16 rows.

To shape the heel follow these steps:

On the first row knit 12 and turn
On the second row purl 4 and turn
On the third row knit 6 and turn
On the fourth row purl 8 and turn
On the fifth row knit 10 and turn
On the sixth row purl 12 and turn
On the seventh row knit 14 and turn
On the eighth row purl 16 and turn
On the ninth row knit to the end
Stocking stitch 7 more rows

To shape the toe:

Knit 2 together all along the row to the end
10 stitches remain
Next row purl 2 together all along the row to the end
5 stitches remain
Break off a long thread and thread it through the remaining stitches, then pull up tightly and fasten off. 
Join up seam to form stocking and make a braid loop to hang stocking.

To finish off the advent calender:

Stitch a D-ring to both top corners of the backing
Stitch each stocking to the backing with one stitch at the top corner of the stocking and tie a knot
Add a number to each stocking at random
Place a treat inside each stocking
Find somewhere to hang it up and enjoy

And there you have it! Your very own handmade festive advent calender. Its now time for Mummy Elf to sign off but I'm sure I will be back in the new year!


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