On the 16th day of Christmas ... Christmas traditions around the world

Hello everyone! Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and I spend months beforehand planning it. Christmas for me is spending it with those closest to me, the traditions and the food. I love all the traditional things I have grown up with such as mistletoe, holly, the Christmas lights, decorating the tree and watching the cheesiest Christmas movies I can find. This got me thinking about what Christmas is like around the world and how people celebrate it so I thought I would find out. There are obviously hundreds of countries so I chose just a few but reading the stories of how other people celebrate Christmas was such an  eye-opener that I highly recommend you taking a look yourself at other countries as some of the things people do is amazing.

Keeping within Europe is a small island that is close to my heart. For many years, the island was part of the British empire and so they take on a lot of traditions from Britain, such as having turkey as their Christmas dinner and going to midnight mass. The Maltese love nothing more than celebrating their heritage by carrying statues of their Saints throughout towns and villages marking their different birthdays throughout the year. (If you having been witness to this, I highly recommend seeing one of their events). Christmastime is no different, with them carrying the statue of baby Jesus through the streets of towns and villages throughout the island. 

A place that has always intrigued me but I have never visited is Mexico. Leading up to Christmas, the locals go round in small groups to houses in their towns representing Mary and Joseph looking for a room to rent.

In Pakistan, Christians go round to neighbours houses singing Christmas carols and in return, the families would offer something to the choir, usually money. This money would then be used for charity work or given to their local church. Instead of lights and novelty items, houses are usually adorned with local hand made items, with nearly all Christian houses having an artificial star hanging from the rooftop, representing the star of Bethlehem. 

Lastly, is Nigeria, where towns are deserted as the locals return to their villages in order to spend Christmas with their families and those less fortunate.

Every country has there own way of celebrating Christmas some a different from others but all of them have traditions that they carry out each year. I would love nothing more than to maybe one day witness some of these, to experience Christmas from around the world. 

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