On The 27th Day Of Christmas... The Kelly Diane Report Of The Year

Hello everyone!

With Christmas now over and the new year quickly approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to take a look back at what has happened in the last year. I have selected some news stories that caught my attention throughout the year and would love it if you would join me in looking back at them.


No sooner had 2015 begun and Buckingham Palace was forced to deny allegations of 'impropriety with underage minors' by Prince Andrew. 

The last living person to have been born during Queen Victoria's reign, Ethel Lang died at the mighty age of 114 years old! Stephen Fry married his partner Elliot Spencer, stupidly causing more debate than any other story. Libby Lane became the first women to be ordained as a bishop in the Church Of England, which is a big step forward for women's rights. I watched on as commemorations were made for the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill's funeral - a genius


 of a man we all owe our freedom to. These commemorations included a service at Westminster Abbey, the retracing of the same boat journey that carried Churchill's coffin along the River Thames in 1965 and a chance to see the original footage of his funeral.


The government pledged £300 million for tackling dementia as it was revealed that more and more people were suffering from the disease. The true pulling power of Daesh became known as policed appealed for help to find three teenage girls who were suspected of heading to Turkey with the intention of joining Daesh.


The first of quite a few news posts in aviation with the crashing of the Germanwings Airbus into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board. This then led to people worrying if the training and medical checks were high enough for pilots and co-pilots. Terry Pratchett died of natural causes after suffering with Alzheimer's disease. 

Jeremy Clarkson was suspended and later sacked by the BBC after a fracas with a producer which caused mixed views across the country. The stepbrother of Becky Watts was charged with murder after her body parts were found in a house in Bristol.


An estimated £200 million worth of jewels were stolen from Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Limited which was later described as the biggest robbery in British history.


Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born, with thousands waiting across the country to catch the first glimpse of her as she left the hospital.

 The general election took place with David Cameron and the conservative party winning. VE Day commemorations took place around Europe on the 70th anniversary of Victory In Europe Day.


Sepp Blatter announced that he was to resign from Fifa amid corruption allegations. This was a story that evolved over several months as more information came to light. A horrific accident takes place on The Smiler ride at Alton Towers in which four people were airlifted to hospital, with two of them later having to a have a leg each amputated due to the nature of the injuries sustained. Alton Towers were to announce later in the year that the accident occurred due to human error. A terror attack on a resort beach in Tunisia leaves 37 dead, 30 of them being British. Daesh are named as behind the attack and for the first time, it is brought home how easy Daesh members could carry out their terror attacks. 


Turkey began air strikes against Daesh. Country singer Lynn Anderson died. The UK marked the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings, as the Euro Tunnel crisis worsens as more than 2,000 migrants try to get into the tunnel in one night in an attempt to get to Britain. 


Debris found on Reunion Island is confirmed of that of missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 that had been missing since March 2014. Cilla Black died which sent Britain into mourning for one of the greatest women in show business.


 Commemorative events took place across the world for the 70th anniversary of Victory In Japan day, as news broadcasts show for the first time, how mixed the feeling still is in Japan on the subject. A Hawker Hunter crashes into vehicles on the A27 near Shoreham whilst displaying at an event, killing 11 and injuring 14. The pilot miraculously survives and the CAA announce stricter rules for air displays. 

Kevin Whyman, a pilot who I had had the pleasure of seeing just a week before, died when he crashed whilst displaying as part of the Gnat Display Team at CarFest


Volkswagen was alleged to have been involved in the diesel emissions scandal. Russia began air strikes against Daesh. Jackie Collins died of cancer, becoming a shock to the many who saw her just weeks before on The One Show looking happy and healthy, with no mention of her illness.

 A spectacular fly past that I wish I could have seen in the flesh took place at Goodwood, marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle Of Britain. 


Flight KGL9268 from Sharm El-Sheikh to St Petersburg crashed in Sinai killing all 217 passengers and 7 crew on board. Reports later concluded that it was a bomb in the hold that caused it to crash and flights have been stopped from many countries to Sharm El-Sheikh until further notice. Queen Elizabeth 2nd became the longest reigning monarch in British history.

 The 5 pence carrier bag charge came into force, sending Christmas shoppers mad as they forgot their bags. Archaeologists started digging up the remains of a spitfire that crashed in the Cambridgeshire Fens in 1940. Britain is shocked at the death of respected police officer David Phillips, after being hit by a stolen pick up truck he was trying to stop. Hundreds turned up to his funeral later in the month to pay their respects. 

Aviation enthusiasts wanted to catch a last glimpse of the mighty Vulcan Bomber as she took on a national tour of the UK before she became grounded at the end of the month. 


Daesh carried out horrific terror attacks on Paris that killed 130 people, injured countless more and has sent Europe into panic. 

Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet after it allegedly flew within their air space after countless warnings. The stepbrother of Becky Watts was found guilty of her murder and his girlfriend found guilty of manslaughter after a upsetting and lengthy trial. Storm Barney took hold of Britain, causes jokes to spring up everywhere in reference to its name. 


British MPs voted for air strikes in Syria and shortly afterwards Tornado's carried out their first attacks, causing social media to become a political playground as people voiced their opinions. Storm Desmond battered the UK and caused devastating damage to parts of Cumbria, with the effects still being felt. Many lost there homes and possessions just before Christmas. 

As you can see 2015 has been a year of ups and downs, of success and loss. Thank you for joining me as I looked back on the last twelve months. With everything so uncertain at the moment, I just want to end by saying my hope for 2016 is that we are able to put a stop to Daesh, the air show seasons goes well without mishaps and the people of Cumbria get the help they so desperately need. 

Until next time

KellyDianeReport X


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