On The 28th Day Of Christmas ... My Top 6 Pampering Products

During winter I love to have an evening a week pampering myself. Its a great way to keep your skin and hair in tip top condition as the seasons change and also helps you to banish those winter blues. So I thought I would share with you some of my go-to products at the moment...

The changing seasons can really have an effect on my hair and can leave it looking dry and dull so I love using Aussie's 3 minute miracle. At the moment, I am still using the Beachmate, however, I will soon be moving onto the original one. I love using this product as it is so simple but works so well. All you need to do is after shampooing your hair, apply this like a conditioner and hair-presto! After 3 minutes simply wash off and it will leave your hair silky smooth and nourished. 

Moving onto my face I love to use a face mask or melt whilst I am having a relaxing bath. Depending on how much time I've got depends on which product I use.

If I haven't got very long I use Soap & Glory's The Ultimelt which is perfect for giving your face and neck a deep clean. All you have to do is apply and small amount to your face and neck and leave it for a few minutes. The heat from the bath helps it to melt into your skin and then all you need to do it take a warm wet cloth (which it usually comes with which is great!) and gently press off any left over product. This really leaves my skin feeling like I've had a facial. After using this product I don't use a night cream or put anything else on my face until the morning as the heat has opened your pores and you don't want to reverse the work the Ultimelt has just done by clogging them up again.

If I have got a little more time I like to use Clinique's turnaround instant facial. Its very much like having microdermabrasion but you can do it at home and its not as intense. I have been using this product for a bout a year and can honestly say it has really improved my skin and I no longer have as many breakouts as I did before using this product. After applying, I like to leave it for about 10-15 minutes to really work the skin. I will warn you though, as it dries it makes you look very ghostly white so remember to take it off before you leave the bathroom else you might give someone a fright! 

After having a bath, I like to get down to business with my feet by giving them a pedicure. I have been using the new Scholl pedi for about 8 weeks now and it has dramatically changed how my feet feel. I spend around 8 hours a day on my feet at work so I like to look after them as much as possible. This has been so easy to use and just takes minutes. I love how you can see that its working straight away and it really works hard to get rid of excess dry skin.

After using the Scholl pedi, I like to apply a cream that will carry on pampering my feet and my go-to product at the moment has got to be Soap & Glory's Heel Genius. Its so easy to use, all you have to do is apply it before you go to bed, slip a pair of white cotton socks on and go to sleep. In the morning, you will end up with soft nourished feet its that simple!
Top tip: make sure it is white cotton socks you use. Normal socks don't have the same effect and you will wake up with black fluff stuck to your feet instead. Trust me!

The final product I like to use before going to bed is Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute. This is a 24 hour soothing and hydrating mask. I had never really used one before I got sent this one as I thought using an overnight mask would make my skin feel greasy. However I was completely wrong. I apply a small amount to my face, read a book for 10 minutes then gently rub in any obvious excess cream before going to sleep. In the morning my skin looks and feels healthier and all I have to do is wash my face and apply make up. I don't even have to put a moisturiser on in the morning!

So there you have it my top 6 products for a winter pampering evening. Have you tried any products that you think I would like? Let me know as I would love to try them out!

Until next time...

KellyDianeReport X


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