On The 29th Day Of Christmas ... Disappointing Products 2015

I have never had the need to write a disappointing products post before, however recently I tried some products that for me I felt weren't great. The first one is from Lush which I normally always love their products. Whenever, I get lush products I look forward to using them as they smell lovely so when I got given the Snow Fairy shower gel I could wait to try it. However, this was the most disappointing shower gel I have ever tried. First of all the smell was sickly sweet and overpowering to the point it gave me a headache. Secondly, the instructions said to lather it up, but it just didn't do that and I ended up using about a quarter of the bottle, trying to get it to lather so for me personally I didn't think it was worth the money. 

The next two disappointing products are meant to be used as part of a set. The Andrew Barton Blondes Have More Fun shampoo and conditioner boasts that is has colour boost technology however I felt that it made my hair more brassy and greasy looking. The shampoo didn't lather up and I felt that my hair hadn't been washed properly. The conditioner, although it worked well, was extremely difficult to get out of the bottle. 

Its safe to say I won't be repurchasing any of these items in the future.

Until next time ...

KellyDianeReport X


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