On the 2nd Day Of Christmas... What to buy her for Christmas - eBay Edition

So its that time of year again! By now most people are starting to think about what to buy people for Christmas. With so many different things in the shop how do you choose? This year, as the title suggests I thought I would do the Christmas gift guides a little differently. Therefore this years gift ideas are ALL available from eBay. With many people finding it a struggle to afford Christmas, I thought I would try to do it a cheap as possible this year, So lets get started...

The first item is this bottle of perfume by Avon. When I went to buy this a couple of months ago direct from Avon, I was told that they were no longer available which is a shame as it is one of my favourite scents. Therefore I looked online and was able to buy it on eBay. This 500ml bottle comes in at just £7.55 and is a scent that can be worn both day and night.

Next is this set of natural bamboo make up brushes. These are in minature size and come complete with a small case to keep them in which is perfect for keeping in your handbag. These come in at £4.99 a set

I don't know about other people but I love purses! This cute purse is such has a lovely pretty cheerful design, I think it will be perfect for January and February and cost £9.91

For those of you who like making things, this could be for you. Hand made bath bombs have become so popular is recent years, why not make your own. A couple of years ago Kirstie Allsopp brought out a range of make your own craft sets with this being one of them. This comes in at £15.00 but there are also many other sets in the range. 
I love a coin purse and I love spots so what could be more perfect. This makes a great stocking filler but remember you should always put some money in a new purse hint hint! This purse costs just £3.95

Over the last couple of months adult colouring books have become all the range and this Mindfulness colouring book is the perfect one to start of with. It contains wonderful different patterns on each page to keep you going at least through January. This book comes in at just £5.50 whilst other shops are charging £12.50! Just remember to check if the recipient has something to colour them in with!

Every women wants to have warm hands and I think these are perfect for those busy ladies! First of all, the cream adds a bit of colour to a dull winter's day. Secondly, the fact that they are fingerless means you can still use your phone and use your hands without having to keep taking your gloves off. What could be more perfect? These gloves come in at £9.95

Lastly, every busy woman needs to know the time. Unfortunately, you can't always rely on your phone to tell the time, especially if you use it a lot as the battery normally dies before the end of the day. I saw this watch recently and thought it was perfect. It is a cross between a watch and a bracelet, with the wrap detail adding something modern to it, yet the brown strap and gold face give it a more vintage look so it becomes the perfect blend. This cost just £14.00 which I think is a bargin for a watch.
So there we have it - the first gift guide of 2015. Join me again tomorrow for What to buy him for Christmas. 

Until next time
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