On The 31st Day Of Christmas... My Year In Photo's

Hello everyone! I can't believe it is now just the last few hours of 2015 as I'm writing this, so I thought it would be the perfect time to take a look back at what I have been up to this year. What better way than to take a glimpse at some of the photo's I have taken throughout the year - after all reliving those memories are the reason we take pictures in the first place. 

Starting at the top (and bottom as I love the photo so much!) I have loved making new memories with my boyfriend Dan. Not only has he been there for me through the good times and the bad, he has also spoilt me throughout the year. 
The photo of the beautiful landscape is special to me as not only do I love going on this particular walk, it was also the first photo I had taken this year. 
The top building is Glastonbury Tor. A place made famous for its festival, I had never been to the town so it was lovely to walk around the Tor as well as the local town itself. Further down, you can also see the photo I took of Glastonbury Abbey which was beautiful. It is marvellous how well the structures have kept all this time. 
Another place I visited was the Wellington Monument which I had driven past many a time but never visited. I was surprised at how big it really is. 
This year I turned 21 and was spoilt rotten. My family and friends made my birthday so special and those memories I know I will treasure for a long time. 
Going to Wells in Somerset was like stepping back in time for me. It is where my grandad originally came from and I loved exploring the town, wondering if he had stood in the spot I was standing in. The cathedral is absolutely beautiful both inside and out and it is also the resting place of the last fighting Tommy Harry Patch. The small pretty waterfall can be found at the Bishop's Palace just across the road from the cathedral. The main reason I visited here was because they have a couple of swans that ring a bell at a certain time each day. 
As an aviation enthusiast, I loved getting to sit in some of the cockpits of planes at Old Sarum Airfield and learning about how they worked. A bittersweet flypast, this was the last photo I ever took of the Vulcan flying and I travelled 6 hours to see it fly!
The 2 beautiful bridge landscapes were taken whilst I stayed in Yorkshire. Retracing where my family lived and grew up made me feel so relaxed and at home there that I can't wait to go back. The bigger bridge is at Knaresborough and the smaller bridge with the grand house in the background is in Ripley. 
The house with the Christmas lights is not just 1 but many in a street that each year put up these spectacular lights all in the aid of charity. Hundreds of people travel from all around to come and visit this street to see the lights. 
Lastly, I would like to thank my mum for helping me to create new memories and for being my rock during the hard times. 
All that's left for me to say is I hope you have a very happy and prosperous new year and I look forward to speaking to you in the new year.

Until Next Time

KellyDianeReport X


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