On the 3rd Day Of Christmas ... What To Buy Him For Christmas - eBay Edition

As I promised, you didn't have to wait long. Here is the What to buy him gift guide and as with yesterday everything can be bought on eBay, so lets get started...

The first thing I wanted to talk about is this Henley's cuff watch in Army green colour. This watch is quite a manly style and has various different clock faces inside the main one. This watch comes in at just £11.99

These House Of Marley headphones are the perfect stocking filler. The are a bit more pricey for headphones at a cost of £13.90 which is more than the above watch but they look like you would pay a lot more for them. The wooden effects adds a little touch of difference.

These kit bags are the perfect size with a plane detail on the front. These cost £6.25 and come in a choice of two colours. With such a bargin, you could then pick up some miniatures to go inside them, which then means the man in your live is ready for any holidays or nights away for the coming year.

This travel mug adds a bit of comedy to present buying. Lets face it we all know a man that thinks he could be a ninja! This mug comes in at £7.99

The perfect stocking filler! Test his IQ with this pocket IQ test and really have a laugh. You could have a competition on Christmas day and see who has a higher IQ! This costs just £4.99

No matter what men say, they feel the cold just as much as women do - even if they won't admit it. These navy fairisle gloves by Red Herring  add a splash of colour but still look manly and come in at a cost £4.80

In our house we all love pointless so this quiz book is sure to keep every occupied for the next year and comes in at a cost of £8.01

Lastly, as technology places such a huge part in our lives these days, this tweed looking sleeve is perfect to protect a man's e-reader or tablets. It comes in various different sizes with prices starting at £14.99

So there you have it, the what to buy him gift guide. I hope this has given you some inspiration on what to buy for what I find the hardest person to buy for!

Until next time
KellyDianeReport X


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