On The 4th Day Of Christmas ... What To Buy Girls - eBay edition

So with the gift guides for adults sorted, I thought I would turn to what to buy the children in your life. As with the previous two they will be split into boys and girls versions, with all the items currently available on eBay. I believe children should be allowed to be children, to explore ideas and learn things for themselves, so apart from the odd dvd, none of the gift guides will be including technologies such as laptops or tablets. I prefer to give children gifts that challenge their thinking, rather than them just being able to 'google it'. Today is the turn of girls, so lets get started...

With the release of frozen a couple of years ago, fairy tales have become hugely popular again and this remake of the classic Cinderella makes the story come alive all over again. You can pick this up from £12.99

I remember having one of these sets when I was a child and I loved it. Instead  of buying lots of colouring books, one of these will create patterns that can then be coloured in. This set comes in at a cost of  £11.99

For most girls, the Frozen annual 2016 is high on the Christmas list and you can pick this one up for £4.50

Sticking with the frozen theme, the classic game Ludo has been given a frozen makeover and can be picked up for just £5.00

Even from an early age, a lot of girls like pretty things and love trying on older peoples things. Whether its shoes or jewellery so this beautiful necklace is perfect, especially at such a great price of £3.00!

When I was a child, I used to love Jacqueline Wilson books, so I can guarantee this latest book is going to captivate its reader for hours. You can pick this book up for £9.19  

This creative set is a great thing to watch grow and you can then use it as a room decoration. You can pick up this crystal garden for £7.99

Finally, everybody wants to snuggle up during the winter months, so one of these warm dressing gown is perfect. You can choose between a panda, brown bear or pink rabbit, all of which cost £14.99 each.

So there we have it, some ideas to buy those little princesses for Christmas. Join me tomorrow for what to buy the boys in your life.

Until next time 
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