On The 5th Day Of Christmas... What To Buy Boys For Christmas - eBay Edition

So now its time for the gift guide for boys. As with the previous three, all items mentioned can be found on eBay so lets get straight into it...

The boys I buy for are very interested in how things work and love nothing more that to explore this for themselves. This fingerprint kit is perfect and will keep them looking for finger prints for hours. This comes in at a cost of £12.95

It can sometimes be very hard to get boys to do anything in the kitchen. This kit is perfect because not only does it challenge how things work, it also gets everybody involved and creates a better understanding. All this for £12.90

Lego is as popular as it always was and this Blackbird toy will keep boys entertained and grow their collection. This comes in at a cost of £11.95

The next two items compliment the previous idea and you could give it as a set. The first is the Lego 2016 annual, which is sure to keep the boys entertained for hours whilst they see new ways of recreating their lego into different shapes. This comes in at a cost of just £4.40

The second is the Lego Movie, a must for any Lego lover and you can pick this up for £6.99

For those that prefer the Minions, why not buy a backpack which will prove useful for all sorts of things. You can pick this one up for £6.49 but there are also various other characters available.

This dressing gown also appeared on the girls gift guide but I thought I would also include them on here as they are unisex. They can be picked up for £14.99 each and you can choose from a bear, rabbit or panda.

Lastly, why not teach them about electricity in a fun way with this salt water powered car. This is perfect for those boys who seem to have an unlimited supply of cars and can be picked up  for £9.49

This marked the end of the gift guides for the people in your life. I hope I have been able to give you some inspiration as well as give you a glimpse of the bargins that can be found. Because all of these items are available on eBay, I would recommend buying them sooner rather than later because you have to allow for the time it takes to post it to you.
Don't forget to join me tomorrow to see what the 6th day of Christmas brings!

Until next time
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