Fitness Friday - What I Wear To The Gym

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to Fitness Friday, I hope you're all doing well in achieving your health and fitness goals for 2016. 

Last time I spoke about my weekly fitness routine, so today I thought I would share with you what I actually wear to the gym. 

First of all I'd like to apologise for the scary photo but it was absolutely freezing when this was taken. 

On to the outfit - The burgundy top is from Matalan and it was actually really comfortable. It has a gathered detail at the sides that add extra shaping and comfort. I'm not into revealing tops like a lot of people are and I prefer something that is going to keep me warm whilst on my way to the gym so this is perfect.

In terms of trousers, these are from Primark - you might have already seen them in my sales haul a few weeks ago. The main colour is black but on the sides they have grey panelling with coral colour stitching to add a splash of colour.

For footwear, I always wear my trusted Nike trainers that I bought as a treat for starting at the gym. My hair, I just tie it up in a basic ponytail as at 7am its too early for me to do anything else. (I'm really not a morning person)

Until next time



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