Fitness Friday

Hello everyone!

So, I mentioned in my Food Friday post that I would be alternating between Food Friday and Fitness Friday as I strive to improve my health throughout the coming year. I decided that my first Fitness Friday post should just explain a little bit about my weekly routine. I have to admit that sometimes I am unable to stick exactly to this routine but I try to base my week around it as much as possible. 

For me, Monday's are my rest day where, apart from going to work, I don't do any extra exercise. Monday's for me are always a long and hard day so I don't want to say I will exercise when I know I'm not going to stick to it. So for me, my fitness routine starts on a Tuesday where I normally walk the 45 minutes it takes to get to work. After work, I then hit the gym which I will explain about what type of thing I do there in a moment. 

Wednesday see's me getting up super early to go to the local indoor swimming pool before work. Here I try to do around 20 length's of the pool before getting ready for work. On Thursday's, again I walk the 45 minutes to work but I have to admit this is about the extent of my exercise for today. 

Friday is normally my main day off from work (I work 5 days a week), so I try to either go to the gym for an hour or do a workout at home. If I'm doing a workout at home, I have the option to choose from a variety of dvd's or I log onto YouTube and watch Popsugar Fitness where there are plenty of video's to watch. 

Saturday for me is another rest day. it is usually the busiest day of the week at work so by the time I get home I'm usually exhausted. But I do like to get up early on a Sunday and go to the gym when they have just opened, which brings me to my gym routine. I like to start of by doing 10 minutes on the bike before doing a further 20 minutes on either the step machine or the cross trainer. After this time, I like to work with some weights and my local gym has plenty so that I can work my legs, arms and abs. I then try to do 10 minutes fast walking uphill on the treadmill, before doing an extra 5 minutes as a cool down. 

I mentioned that I got the Fitbit for Christmas so I have been trying to incorporate this into my routine by doing at least 10,000 steps each day. 

So this is my weekly routine for my first Fitness Friday post. Join me next Friday for another Food Friday post!

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  1. Wow, Kelly! You are doing so much hard work for this. It's inspirational to see, really! Good job, there's no way you're not going to reach your fitness goals when you're putting this much work in. I need to use my fitbit more often..needless to say you've sparked the want for a healthy change! Keep up the amazing work!


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