I've Been Watching YouTube

Hello everyone!

I thought I would just do a quick post today about who I have been loving watching on YouTube recently. As always, if you have any suggestions of who I should watch then feel free to let me know. 

First up is Freddie My Love who I only heard about when she did a video with Dolly Bow Bow. Freddie comes across as such a lovely girl and is close to my age so I feel I can really relate to her. Like me, she loves all things pink and girlie and also loves to shop.

Next up is All Things Hair - I have recently been trying to style more hair differently each day so I have loved watching these videos to get tips and inspiration for styles.

As always I have been keeping up to date with Michelle Heaton In Reality. Michelle shows an insight into the celebrity lifestyle and well as her home life. She films such a range of videos that you never get bored, from food and fitness to family and work. 

I mentioned in my first Fitness Friday post that I have been using Popsugar Fitness to help with my routine and I have to say I've really enjoyed using some of their workout videos. It's been so easy to incorporate them into my fitness regime, especially their 10 minute workouts for when I haven't got much time.

I would love to hear who your favourites are at the moment so feel free to comment or tweet me.

Until next time



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