My Current Wishlist

Hello everyone! 

So I have to admit, just 12 days into 2016, I am already struggling with not spending lots of money like I used to. So I thought it would be the perfect time to do my first wishlist of the year. 

1. I have been really loving candles recently and have walked past The White Company many times just in order to smell the candle. This Noir candle scented with amber, manderin & orchid smells really luxurious. 

2. These grey ankle boots from Next are super cute and I love the studded buckle details. 

3. Again from Lipsy is so me in terms of knitwear. I love the variety of patterns on the cardigan as well as the added detail of a buckle. 

4. I have always enjoyed reading the shopaholic books written by Sophoe Kinsella so I really don't want to miss out reading the latest book.

5. Lastly, I have always enjoyed watching Dad's Army on the TV so as soon as they announced that they were making it into a film I knew I had to see it. I already have the date marked on the calender of when it is released!


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