6 Things I Love About February

Hello everyone!

With Valentine's Day well and truly over, I thought I would share with you my top 6 things I love about February.

First of all for me is definitely the lighter evenings. I love the fact that I can walk home from work and it is still light right up until I get home. People seem a lot less scarier in the light than they do when its dark!

Second on the list has to be the chance of snow. I am like a child when it comes to snow and I always wish for a snow day every time the weather forecast mentions the word SNOW. Which brings me on to the next thing ...

You can get out all the thick and warm jumpers that have been hidden in the back of your wardrobe because it is now officially freezing.

Whilst wearing a cosy jumper, it is time to hit the shops because the Spring fashion is beginning to make an appearance. Especially in shops like Primark, where you have to get the things you want before they are gone.

Lastly, it feels like there is an awards ceremony almost every week and of course it's London Fashion Week, so you can scrutinise some of the cute and crazy outfits worn. 

I would love to hear what you love about February so don't forget to comment or tweet me.

Until next time



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